Three fun gadgets

The old saying “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” has been categorically proven wrong. Webmaster Drew shares three amazingly fun gadgets which are sure to raise a few eyebrows with their unique take on pre-existing objects.

Laser Guided Scissors
Cutting straight lines is difficult at the best of times. So why not attach a laser to guide your scissors vertically! The built-in Laser helps you get straight cuts in paper and fabric, whether gift wrapping or working on a project at home or in the office.

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The Transparent Toaster
The idea of the see-through toaster has been around since 2006, but no one has created a product which matches the genius of the original concept pictured to the right.

The one change we would make to the design is to expand it to two layers or make it longer. Who eats only one piece of toast?

Wi-Fi Detector Hat
You may not look like the coolest person walking around with this Wi-Fi Detector Hat on but when you feel the urge to send a email or get an update on the cricket scores, all you need to do is take off your hat and check up on Wi-Fi connects in the area for free browsing.