Three future life-changing gadgets

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The world of technology is evolving rapidly. Drew has chosen three life-changing gadgets he believes will shape our world in years to come.

Microsoft Surface 2.0

The original Microsoft Surface 1.0 was a huge flop. Costing around $24,000, the Surface 1.0 was extremely buggy and only 30-50 were ever sold inAustralia. Leap forward four years and we now have the Microsoft Surface 2.0 set for release, an iPad type table which has a touch screen and inbuilt applications that actually work! The uses in the future for this device are endless.

Picture yourself in five to ten years’ time sitting in a restaurant: you sit down and your table opens up with a touch screen table menu. You scroll through the menu and when you are ready to order, you tick which item on the menu you want to order and press complete order. Your order is then sent straight to the kitchen unless of course, you hit the request service button. This is just one of many uses for the Microsoft Surface 2.0 in the future. Expect to see future editions popping up all over the place with the price expected to be less than half the $24,000 of the original Surface 1.0.

The price on this product means you will not be seeing these tables in living rooms any time soon, but like every new technology, someone will always make a cheaper model that doesn’t work as well, but is more accessible.
Keep a look out!

Microsoft Surface 2.0 on YouTube

Sixth Sense – Wearable gestural interface

Are you waiting for the day when you can put on a cool pair of glasses and say a word or make a gesture with your fingers and a virtual computer screen will open up in front of your eyes? If so, the Sixth Sense device is a step in the right direction.

The Sixth Sense is not a cool pair of sunglasses, it is something you wear around your neck which includes a camera and can identify certain hand movements which allow you to tell the camera to do certain things. For example, writing the ‘@’ symbol with your finger will open you email and the camera, which also has an in-built projector, will display your emails on a surface in front of you. You can also tell the camera to take photos, display a touch screen from which to dial a phone number or ask the device to scan a product you are holding up for more information.

This gadget is a major step in the right direction and will help create products in the future that satisfy mankind’s thirst for information on the spot. I’m just hoping they implement such a product in my lifetime!

Watch the VERY cool video showing the potential of this gadget from the 2009 TEDIndia Conference.

Exoskeleton Suits

Yes, you heard me correctly, Exoskeleton suits. Exoskeletons are designed to assist and protect the wearer. They may be designed, for example, to assist and protect soldiers and construction workers, or to aid the survival of people in other dangerous environments. A wide medical market exists in the future of prosthetics to provide mobility assistance for aged and infirm people. Other possibilities include rescue work, such as in collapsed buildings, in which the device might allow a rescue worker to lift heavy debris, while simultaneously protecting the worker from falling rubble.

I don’t know about you, but after seeing the photos I am reminded of a fairly recent movie, IronMan. Especially when you see a working unit such as the Hybrid Assistive Limbo (HAL) in action. TheHAL is already in use withinJapan in Aged Care and Rehabilitation Centres and we will see further adaptations in the future, most likely with improvements for hands on jobs in the building industry.


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