Top 10 technology websites

Whether your looking for news, reviews or simply just opinion, Drew's list of the Top 10 technology websites will answer all your questions.

Top 10 technology websites

1. Latest news and reviews
Whether you’re looking for a new app on your smartphone or you’re in the market for a fancy new car, CNET will give you a thorough review so you can make an informed decision. In addition to its helpful reviews, the site covers all the latest tech news in Australia and overseas.

2. Old faithful
Google is such a part of our lives that it is now entrenched in our vernacular. We are constantly being told to “Google it” when we have a question. And this is because more often than not, Google will provide the answer.

3. Great gadgets
From the latest vacuum cleaner to a brand spanking new 3D television, Gadget Guy has you covered with numerous reviews and regular updates on what’s coming next. It’s also good for getting present ideas in the lead up to Christmas.

4. Share your photos with friends
If you’re looking for a great online platform to store and share your photos then flickr might just be the place. You can safely store your memories on this site and then easily share them on Facebook, email, Twitter and your blog.

5. Everything online
The Mashable website is a great resource for those who are interested in all things online. It gives some useful “how to” guides on social media as well as posting regular news articles on what’s currently happening online.

6. Social media savvy
Want to learn more about social media and how it’s seemingly taking over the world? Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or any other new concept, The Social Media Guide helps you through either basic or complicated questions.

7. Digging deeper
The How Stuff Works website helps you find answers for your tech questions. It features a number of useful “how to” articles and also has videos you can look at.

8. Making life easier
Lifehacker is an Australian website that gives tips on technology with the intention of making your life more productive. It does this by highlighting free software and tools that you can use online.

9. Staying safe
The official Australian Government website Stay Smart Online provides a wide variety of information regarding online security. Must like YOURLifeChoices Safety Online page, it covers home and business use as well as providing information on safety for kids and teenagers.

10. All about
Well-known website has a great computing and technology page. Among other things it provides product reviews, easy to follow guides and useful safety tips.

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