Top five innovations of CES 2013

With the week-long 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) coming to a close, Drew takes a look at the top five innovations.

The quality of innovations on show at the CES this year was fairly disappointing. As usual there were a number of brand new, larger, thinner TVs, gadgets that did ‘cool things’, but were practically useless, and not to forget the plethora of girls dancing or promoting products in clothes that wouldn’t be acceptable at a night club. If I had been asked to look at the top ten innovations to come out of the show, it would have been a struggle.

The winners from the show were in the smartphone category with the waterproof smartphone being one of the smartest advancements in phone technology to date. An honourable mention goes to a future technology of a Windows phone (not yet in production) made of a material that makes it extremely bendable and almost impossible to break.

Waterproof smartphone – XperiaZ

In a move by Sony to grab a share of the smartphone market, their latest offering, the XperiaZ comes with an unique feature, it is waterproof. The XperiaZ can be submerged in up to a metre of water for about half an hour. Meaning those who are game enough can watch videos and send emails on their phone while in the bath.

As Debbie can attest, a waterproof smartphone is a brilliant idea, as her son recently jumped into the pool with his phone still in his pocket.

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Watch innovation – Pebble

Described as the watch of the 21st century, the Pebble is a watch that links up with your iPhone or Android powered device. Through apps, is it a customiseable watch that can not only tell the time, but display incoming calls, messages, emails, control music and many other features.

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Weight loss – HAPIFork

The HAPIfork is a fork that helps track and monitor your eating habits, including how fast you are eating and how many chews it takes to finish your meal. The premise of the HAPIfork is that eating too fast leads to poor weight control and poor digestion so the HAPIfork vibrates when it identifies that you are eating too fast.

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AA battery charged phone

Winner of the ‘Technology for a Better World’ category, the SpareOne phone runs on a single AA battery. It delivers up to 15 years of battery life when stored unused or up to 10 hours of talk time when in use. The phone is designed for use in emergency situations.

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Ultrabooks – Intel Haswell

Intel is one of the largest makers of microprocessors in the computing industry and their newly announced Intel Haswell chip is set to change the face of Ultrabooks. Not only will it force computer makers into including touch capacity by the end of 2013, the chip is set to lower the costs of Ultrabooks to an attractive price point of below $600.