Top five useful gadgets

With Christmas just behind us, you may not have been lucky enough to receive the gadget you really wanted. If, however, you’re looking to splurge in the January sales, Drew shares the top five gadgets he would be looking to purchase.

ipad 3 GadgetiPad mini

The latest product from Apple, the iPad mini is a significant addition to the ever-growing tablet computer market. Weighing less than half the iPad 3, the iPad mini is extremely portable with an optimal 20cm (diagonal) size screen.

As with any other technology, as soon as you make a product smaller, you need to sacrifice some performance specifications from your device. The good news is that the iPad mini boasts all of the iPad 3’s new technology upgrades, excluding the faster processor and higher resolution display.

The iPad mini is perfect for any new tablet user and is a significantly better product than the iPad 3 for travelling, reading eBooks, taking photos and recording video.

16GB wifi – $369
16GB wifi & 3G – $509

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Wii U Nintendo Game SetWii U

Released just in time for Christmas, the Wii U is Nintendo’s first real upgrade to the Wii console system since the product’s release over six years ago.

While Nintendo plans to keep the fun and interactive feel of its Wii system product, the Wii U is so much more. The key feature of the Wii U is the new controller device called the Wii U Gamepad. The Gamepad removes the traditional barriers between the game, the player and the TV by creating a second window for game interaction. While the Wii system is still all about motion controlled gaming, the Gamepad has introduced controls, a touchscreen display and, most importantly, the ability to continue playing on the Gamepad if someone else wants to use the television.

Wii U Basic Pack – $349.95
Wii U Premium Pack – $429.95

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Delonghi Coffee MachineDeLonghi Nespresso Coffee Machine

Impress your guests with cafe-quality coffee in your own home at a reasonable price this Christmas. There are a number of different coffee-capsule-devices on the market and the DeLonghi brand sets the bar high with a quality product at a minimal cost.

Simply turn on the device, insert your coffee capsule and, if applicable, fill the milk device. Start frothing your milk and select from the three coffee options (Ristretto, Expresso and Lungo).

Finally, top your coffee off with milk and froth and, if you are artistic, create a fancy design.

DeLonghi Nespresso System Espresso Machine – $189 (after cashback)
DeLonghi Nespresso Pixie Coffee Machine – $289 (after cashback)
DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima – $374 (after cashback)

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Canon Camera EOS 600DCanon EOS 600D DSLR Camera

Suitable for the absolute beginner right up to the professional photographer, the Canon EOS 600D is an

affordable high quality camera. Capturing 18.0 megapixel photographs with a continuous shooting speed of 3.7 frames per second, the EOS 600D is suitable for travelling, family functions, sporting events and close-up photography.

While the purchase of a digital camera has traditionally meant you receive a point-and-shoot only camera, the EOS 600D features a high-definition movie recording function.

Canon EOS 600D DSLR Camera – $599

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Samsung Galaxy S3 4GSamsung Galaxy S3 4G

The latest smartphone release by electronics giant Samsung, the Galaxy S3 4G is an ultra-quick smartphone with one of the largest screens available on the market. Offering a crisp high-definition display with vibrant colours and larger-than-normal text (compared to the competition), the S3 4G is simply an easier phone for ageing eyes.

Running on a quad-core processor, moving between applications is almost instantaneous on the S3 4G. The most attractive feature is the intelligent 8 megapixel camera with burst mode allowing for multiple photos per second.

The only noted issue with the phone to date is the lower-than-normal battery life. This is due to the upgrade to a faster internet network (4G). The good news is, unlike the Apple iPhone brand of smartphones, you can purchase a second battery for when your phone is running low to simply replace it.

Outright – $649
Per month on a twenty four month plan from Telstra – $66

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