TrackR Bravo item-tracking device

How many times have you turned the house upside down after misplacing your car keys, wallet or phone? Well, rest easy – TrackR Bravo is here. 

Bravo is an item-tracking device that attaches to your keys, phone, laptop, bicycle or even pet to keep track of it. The sleek, coin-sized aluminium device uses TrackR’s Distance Indicator or the Crowd GPS to help you find your missing items. This is means that even if you’re out of range of your item, you can get notifications from the devices of those nearby to locate it.

With one click, the TrackR app can ring your lost item and help you navigate towards it. If you happen to lose your phone and can’t access the app, you can use the Bravo device to find it.

TrackR also has three extra accessories to help you keep track of even more of items. There’s a water-proof pet collar attachment, an extra durable metal key loop to hook onto bags and bikes and a waterproof casing so you can take it everywhere with you.

Starting from AU $29, Bravo pairs with iPhone or Android. With a width of just 3.5mm and a diameter of 34mm, Bravo is the thinnest of is kind available.

With TrackR Bravo keeping track of your items, you’ll have to come up with new reasons why you were running late next time!

Watch the video and read more at The TrackR.

Trackr Bravo

Written by ameliath