Unmanned drones set for QLD skies

In an Australian first, QLD police plan to use unmanned drones

Unmanned drones set for QLD skies

Queensland police has announced plans to purchase and use unmanned drone aircraft for drug identification, traffic operations and anti-terror surveillance following a successful trial last year.

Drones have been trialled successfully in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq over the past decade and due to advancements in technology, surveillance drones can cost as little as $50,000 a unit, with a cost of just $30 per hour to run them. Compared with helicopters, which alone cost $500 an hour to operate, you can see why the Queensland and other governments around Australia are interested in drones.

The other main advantage of a drone is that unlike a normal plane or helicopter which is normally used in search and rescue, drones can operate for days or weeks without refuelling.

Would you feel safe knowing state and federal governments were operating drones over residential areas? 


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    20th Mar 2013
    I am all for them it will keep the bastards honest if noe they will be caught. They can also effectivly follow any villian in a car and save the police having to speed all over the place the drone will relay all the information back down to the police.

    I know this will stir up the tree huggers and do gooders but so what. they have not been able to do much!
    21st Mar 2013
    I am all for it too...Without the help from our wonderful friends in USA we wouldnt have much of a chance......I feel so much safeR with them here and thank the Good Lord for them too...YES YES YES they are used for all sorts of security...gosh I love it when the helcopters fly low over my place occasionally.......nightime ....on the night sky patrol....sometimes used to for traffic jams etc etc,,,,
    21st Mar 2013
    Privacy went when satellites with super cameras became ubiquitous, so we have to learn to live in the "new" world.

    The only problem I see is that the legal system is bogged down by legislation which lacks common sense and concern for what is fair and right. As a result, catching people is often not enough to stop or deter others from similar activities.

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