Google launches smartwatches

Google’s newest technology, Android Wear, is now available to order. Featuring hardware you could find on a low-end smartphone, what exactly can these smartwatches do?

Android allows anyone to make and sell apps for the devices and we can expect to see brands expanding their offerings to integrate better with Android Wear. Listed below are four key features you’ll get straight out of the box.

  • Notifications from your Android smartphone will be delivered to your watch, saving you from having to access your phone every time it goes off, which can be handy if you prefer to keep it in a bag rather than a pocket.
  • Fitness tracking will be a feature of the devices, but it has not yet been revealed if the device will replace fitness bands or work in collaboration with them
  • Voice commands will allow you to call taxis, order food, take notes and more.
  • An almost forgotten feature, the smartwatches can tell you the time!


You might recognise that a lot of these features were previously made possible with Google Glass, a device which was strangely absent from Google’s most recent annual conference. It’s possible that Android Wear smartwatches are replacing the Glass, at least for the time being, as a less invasive wearable technology.

The Android Wear smartwatches are available on Google’s Play Store from $249.

Will you consider buying a smartwatch?

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