Got some vintage tech gathering dust? Here’s how you can cash in

The hunt for nostalgic ‘retro’ technology – that perhaps reminds us of happy, carefree times in our childhoods – appears to be growing.

The appeal of gadgets and gizmos from the ‘good, old days’ has reignited, it seems.


Whether it is VHS players so we can watch old tapes of family memories, or something to play classic vinyl records on, eBay has seen a revival in second-hand technology being bought and sold.

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Some shoppers are also opting for vintage computers and accessories, perhaps partly due to parents showing their kids the games they used to enjoy.

Sales of second-hand computers have increased in the past year, with some of the popular tech changing hands right now including any items relating to the Commodore 64.

Sales of second-hand sound and vision items, such as VHS players, are also up significantly.

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If you are inspired to have a look in the cupboard and dust off your old tech to sell, it pays to be realistic about the price, as going too high may put some buyers off.


eBay suggests searching for similar items on its website to make sure you are going for the right price range.

You can filter your search to only include sold items, to get an idea of how much you could realistically achieve.

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Other selling tactics may also pay dividends, such as aiming for listings to end on Sunday evenings, when the website is often busy, or opting for longer 10-day auction listings so that more potential bidders get a chance to spot your items.

Also, try to take plenty of photos in natural light and describe any scratches or other defects.

If you haven’t used the tech for a while, you may want to check whether it is still in working order.

Emma Grant from eBay says: “We’re witnessing a revival in retro tech, especially vintage computers and items such as VHS players and record players.

“We put this down to families using lockdown to take a trip down memory lane by watching old home videos and revisiting old records. People are also using the time to revamp their old PCs or opting for a vintage computer as a sustainable and retro alternative to brand new.”

Get your tech ready for resale with this checklist from eBay:

1. Make sure you back-up any data stored on your device with a free online storage service.

2. Use the ‘factory reset’ on mobile devices to remove personal data and access to accounts.

3. Remove the SIM card and memory card, if there is a removable one.

4. If you have them, make sure you include the charger, power cable, instructions and accessories.

How much vintage technology do you have lying around your home? Did you ever think you would be able to sell it? Did you know you could be sitting on a gold mine with your old records?

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