How to fix your iPhone 6

These six common problems, including screen freezing and low call volume, have been frustrating iPhone 6 owners. Find out how to fix them the easy way.

1. iPhone screen freezing
Some users are having trouble with screen freezing, particularly after recent iOS updates. If your screen has been freezing, try this for a quick fix: lock and unlock your iPhone to turn the screen on and off again.

If this doesn’t work, try restarting your device by holding down the sleep/wake button and the home button until an Apple logo appears on your device. 

If you still have problems, visit an Apple store, your device might be faulty and it’s best to get it fixed or replaced while it’s still under warranty.

2. Difficulty hearing phone calls
If you’ve had significant trouble hearing phone calls from more than one person, the fault might be on your end. While on a call on your iPhone, press the volume up button on the left side of the phone, a box should appear which shows you your current volume. If the box says ‘headphones’ and you don’t have headphones plugged in, there might be a problem with the port on your device. Try plugging headphones in and out to solve this.

Otherwise, there might be something blocking the speaker on your iPhone. Use a small brush to gently dust off anything that may be clogging the speaker (the horizontal bar located above your iPhone’s screen).

3. Contacts aren’t receiving messages
Someone isn’t replying to your messages? A bug might be stopping them from receiving your textx as many users have reported trouble messaging or iMessaging certain contacts. This is sometimes caused by an issue with iMessage, and quite often all it takes is a quick reset in the settings to fix the problem. Head to Settings > Messages and turn iMessage on and off, follow this with a quick reset as detailed above and hopefully your problem will be fixed. Another potential solution is to delete the affected contacts and their message conversations from your phone and then add them again.

4. Enlarged image or icons
If your screen is filled with large icons or a zoomed-in image and you can’t navigate your iPhone 6 as you usually would, you’re in luck as this problem is usually easy to fix. Hold three fingers together and double tap the screen and your phone should return to normal. You can deactivate this feature by opening Settings > General > Accessibility and turning zoom off. However, this feature can be quite handy for reading small text once you know how to use it, so you might want to leave it on.

5. Red flashing screen
Some users, including YourLifeChoices members that have emailed us for assistance, have experienced problems with a red screen flashing on their iPhone before the Apple logo appears and the device locks up or reboots.

Reported causes for this crash range from loose screws, motherboard problems or software issues.

Try resetting your device by holding down the sleep/wake button and the home button until the Apple logo appears on your device. This might fix the problem temporarily, but in the long run you’re probably best off performing a factory reset on your device or perhaps taking it to an Apple store.

6. iPhone 6 won’t charge
If your iPhone 6 won’t charge, there may be a problem with the charger. If you have access to another Apple device that uses the same type of charging port, try using the charger with this device.

If the charger works, then the fault is likely with your device. You can try using compressed air or gently blowing into the charging port to clear it of dust. Just be careful not to get any moisture in the port, as this can cause a lot of problems.

If the charger doesn’t work with the other device then the problem is likely with the charger. Try using a different wall socket, a different cable or a different charger to locate the faulty component, and replace or return it. 


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