How to make your commute more fun

Are you bored with old-fashioned transportation? Busses and legs are so last week – why not discover these great gadgets, from personal jetpacks to folding cars?

The jetpack
The JetLev personal jetpack costs a reported $100,000. Not sure a jetpack is a practical way to travel? Last year a businessman used his jetpack to travel 64 kilometres up the Thames to get to work. Want your own jetpack? If you think $100,000 will break the bank, don’t worry – JetLev has created a new jetpack model, which is retailing for just $68,500. 

The gyroscopic wheel
The Yahmaha Wheel Rider is like an enormous, single tyre which stays upright thanks to gyroscopic sensors. The single passenger sits in the middle of the wheel as it spins around them. Sounds safe? We think so too. Although this is currently just a concept design, it is not the only gyroscopic wheel out there. Read more about the Yamaha Wheel Rider and, if you’ve got more money than you know what to do with, why not throw it at this project until it becomes a reality? 

The one-wheeled motorcycle
The RYNO is a single-wheeled scooter expected to go into production this year. The vehicle runs on a battery which takes about an hour-and-a-half to charge, and which lets you ride for just over 30 kilometres. Much like the gyroscopic wheel this one-wheeled motorcycle self-balances, and we imagine it’s good for those extraordinarily small city parking spaces. You can watch a video of someone testing one of these scooters at the RYNO website

The folding car
The Hiriko is a two-person car which can fold in order to take up less parking space. In fact, three of these tiny cars can fit into one traditional parking space, which could greatly reduce congestion in built-up areas. These cars are 100 per cent electric, so they’re not bad on the environmental front either. We don’t yet know how much the Hiriko will cost, but if you’re interested you can keep an eye on the Hiriko website

Electric skateboard
Originally designed to help students get from class-to-class across huge American university campuses, the Boosted Board is just about to go into production. It can travel for almost 10 kilometres on a single charge and you can pick one up for $1299. Just don’t forget to wear your helmet