How to tag on Facebook

Learn what a tag is, why you would use one and how to tag your friends on Facebook with this simple how-to guide.

What is a tag?
The original use of a tag was to allow you to say ‘ is in this photo’. You literally stamp an image with someone’s name, which lets Facebook and its users know that the person has something to do with the picture. Tags will show up when you put your mouse over a photo, but they aren’t permanently over the image (because that would be annoying).

Why would I tag someone?
There are two reasons for tagging someone. If, for example, someone uploaded a photo of you and your friend George, you might like to tag yourself and your friend George. This lets Facebook know that you are the two people in the photo, and it means that George’s friends will see the photo, as photos show up in a person’s feed once they have been tagged.

The second reason for tagging someone is to share an image with them. If you see a funny picture, a joke or a quote in your feed which you think might apply to your friend, you can tag them as an easy way of saying ‘hey, check this out’ or ‘I think this applies to you’. Your friend doesn’t actually have to be in an image for you to tag them.

How do I tag someone on Facebook?

First, find an image in your feed. Next, click on that image – it will open in a bigger window over your usual Facebook feed. If you hover your mouse over the image you should see a menu appear at the bottom. Click ‘Tag Photo’. Next, click on the photo to place a tag. If you are tagging the image because your friend is in the photo, click on their face. If you are just tagging a joke or a funny picture, click anywhere. Once you have clicked a box will appear around the person or area. Start typing the name of the person whom you wish to tag, then select them when they appear in the list. Finally, click ‘Finish Tagging’, and you’re done!