The new frontier: Bank to offer discount broadband services

You may use internet banking but are you prepared to purchase internet from your bank?

Which internet providers deliver the best speeds?

Fixed-line NBN broadband services reached a new performance high in February 2021.

How rain, wind and heavy weather can affect your internet connection

When your stream drops out in the middle of a storm, can you blame the wild weather?

How targeted advertising works

Do you ever see ads online that seem to be specifically targeting you? Learn why this happens.

How smart speakers can help older Australians

If you received a smart speaker for Christmas, here's how it can benefit you most.

Web inventor says news media bargaining code could break the internet

He's right - but there's a fix.

Here is what Australians searched for on Google this year

You would think the most searched term for 2020 would be related to COVID, but it wasn't.

COVID-19 exposes broadband gaps

Is Australia's poor internet infrastructure a risk to public health?

How scammers get access to email accounts and how to stop it

Research uncovers a specialised economy emerging around email account takeover.

Google alleged to have misled consumers about use of personal data

Google taken to court over its expanded use of personal data.

Despite high demand, customer satisfaction with telcos stays high

Despite the pressure on telecommunications services, satisfaction has remained steady.

NBN launches three new residential speed tiers

Research reveals 23 per cent of customers have upgraded to higher speed internet plans.

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