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Joyce isn't happy about the price she’s being charged by her internet provider

YOURLifechoices member Joyce likes that her internet provider offers an Australian support service, but isn’t so happy about the price she’s being charged. Drew offers her a few alternatives.

Q. Joyce
I’m currently with Westnet as my internet provider, but I keep going over my 5000mg a month download limit (on ADSL 1), for which I pay $39.95. I know there are better deals out there, but I’ve found that Westnet has a superb (Australian) support service and I was wondering whether you knew of another provider where I could get similar support service, but with a greater download limit?

A. Provided by Drew
You may wish to revisit your current Westnet contract as you are currently paying a high price for a fairly low usage rate. If you have a look at its website, you will find that you can now pay the same amount for a 20GB package. If you call up the accounts department at Westnet, you should be able to get transferred to a new package and pay the same amount.

There are of course, other operators on the market using Australian support services. A few examples are:
Adam Internet

Do you have an alternative internet provider which you can recommend to Joyce?


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    28th Aug 2012
    I can highly recommend Adam. I get 5gb for $29.90 using their mobile broadband. Reliable and helpful if assistance is required.

    28th Aug 2012
    Is there any Adam Internet outlets on the Gold Coast. Say Coolangatta way.
    28th Aug 2012
    Sorry -South Oz company. Services SA & NT only.
    28th Aug 2012
    I use One have to be over 55 to have it. They offer $20.00 a week or $25.00 a week for faster downloading. That gives you all your landline calls (except overseas and 1900 numbers) and all your mobile calls, again except overseas and 1900.
    28th Aug 2012
    I am with Internode and find them great. They speak English with Aussie accents and are always very helpful. They are based in Adelaide, I am in NSW but I think they cover Australia wide.
    28th Aug 2012
    +1 for Internode. We haven't really looked back since joining them about 6 years ago. As for cheaper phone calls, we have that well and truly covered by our $5/month Freedom plan with Pennytel. This $5 gives us 150 free calls to Australian landlines and many international destinations. My wife can call her friends and rellies in Malaysia to her heart's content. We even have a number in Kuala Lumpur included in the monthly fee. Incredible value!
    [email protected]
    28th Aug 2012
    I'm with Its Govt. assisted for Age Pensioners it costs $29.95 for 12GB month. When I've needed assistance (rare) my phone call has been answered in a few minutes. If your interested the phone number is 1300 735 439
    28th Aug 2012
    I am with they have unlimited download from $25 per month ... No contracts, but you do have to pay a membership fee . Still worth it as they have provided great service and I am not bound to any contracts if something cheaper comes along also I get $25 off my next bill if anyone joins with my referral and so does the person joining - if you are interested drop me a line and I will forward on for you [email protected]
    28th Aug 2012
    In addition to my above post...I contacted One Seniors and they have a new plan now for all landline calls, all mobiles (with exception of overseas and 1900 numbers) faster downloading etc., for computer at a new cost of $23.00 per week.
    28th Aug 2012
    ive seen doddo $39.oo unlimited in sa vic nsw ?
    internode as pretty good providers
    Unlucky me has to contend with wifi vodafone IN MY PC USB now $75.00 for 9-gbts+-
    28th Aug 2012
    I am with iiNet & have been for quite some years now. I have internet 10GB peak & 10GB offpeak, my phone, & am about to put my mobile with them. I have voip as well. I could not be happier. I get help whenever I call them, which I haven't had to do for a long time. No probs with them.
    29th Aug 2012
    $23 a week !!!!!! Whoah, I am with iPrimus.and pay a Rate of $39.95, but having my telephone calls with them I get $10 rebate on the internet , so its 29.95 per month. For that I get 20GB a month, 10 peak and 10 off peak. They have a help service and it is IN AUSTRALIA ! not overseas !! and they are all Aussies, and very helpful. I had a technical problem a few years ago and they solved it for me easily.
    30th Aug 2012
    I have been with One Seniors for 3 years I pay $100 a month which gives me unlimited computer downloads, unlimited mobile calls, unlimited land calls except for international it could cost $95 but I pay the extra to get the speed to use Skype as I have family overseas. They have been very good to deal with.

    4th Jun 2014
    Thanks for this blog. I really need the alternative for the internet. I have a company GetAProgrammer working on web design & development . So I need continuous internet connection for that. So this blog will help me a lot.
    10th Nov 2015
    I am on DSP so a very tight budget but have found these 2 plans work for me.
    I have mobile broadband with ACN (Australian Communication Network) I pay $35 month for 4G with $5 of that for the dongle on a 2 year contract after the 2 years it reduces to $30 month. If I know I'm going to be on holidays or not using my data for the next month I have an option of reducing the date to 2g or 1g where needed which reduces my costs even more. Also I can increase my data just for a month if I need to and then reduce it again. It is also possible to become an ACN account manager although I'm not but a friend is so got him to explain it all to me Also for my mobile phone I have a Dodo plan I think is called chat time at $19.90 month $800 calls and texts 500mg data extra $2 mth for smartphone so total cost $21.95

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