Tech Q&A: Do you have to connect to the NBN?

Gerry wants to know if he has to sign up for NBN or if there are other options available to him.

Gerry wants to know if he has to sign up for NBN or if there are other options available to him.


Q. Gerry
We are about to be connected to NBN and are wondering if we must do this. I have read articles about using a wireless connection instead. Is this possible and if so can you explain how it would work?

A. Unfortunately I can't be of much assistance with this question as there are a lot of factors that will affect this decision, such as which type(s) of NBN are available and where you are located.

The wireless connection you are thinking about is likely what is referred to as 'Mobile Broadband'.

This service works much like the internet on your smartphone or tablet, except multiple devices can connect to it.

Here are Telstra and Optus' pages and plans for Mobile Broadband.

Telstra Mobile Broadband
Optus Mobile Broadband

We hope this helps!

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    8th Feb 2018
    OVO and Vodafone also offer Mobile broadband at what seems like very competitive rates. Optus and other telcos are moving towards 5G system which in most cases will out perform NBN
    8th Feb 2018
    I use vodafone mobile broadband and have for several years. I travel a lot and so a fixed adsl/nbn link would be of little worth. I use the internet for PC works, do not need high speed internet access and find the mbb data speeds ok for the very limited times I use video. Also its cheaper :)
    8th Feb 2018
    We had no choice as they chopped out the landline in favour of an ugly mast and a limited speed transmission system (country area). Result: varying speeds, rated at a maximum of 20MB/s but usually 7-8 at best, frequent loss of signal, back to the basics.

    Congrats to the Libs, putting us behind by decades. Worked with AustPost, now NBN. They are working on slowing down hospital treatment so that we will all die before we get there, reducing the loads.
    8th Feb 2018
    Yes, you can connect to mobile broadband, but you will be restricted to a much lower data allowance. I have mobile bb, because my ADSL is patchy, and also can take it with me when I go away. But I would like (and need) more data. The whole things is a complete mess and I have heard so many horror stories about NBN in the area where I live. Wish I could be rid of it all!!
    8th Feb 2018
    I rent so getting NBN is not worth the cost for me, never been a telephone line in the house either, so have always been mobile. I use Virgin, pay $40 per month for 25 gb with roll-over data. Phone is Amaysin $10 a month with 1 gb but I don't use my phone much, I get unlimited calls and text. Can anyone find a better deal I would be interested?
    8th Feb 2018
    I rent too . Telstra sent me a letter advising that they would need to make an appointment to take away the old line in order to replace it wit new wires for the NBN. NBN Installation was free for me due pension discounts. NBN expensive I do not pay for phone calls.$99 a month, You are on a good deal
    8th Feb 2018
    musicveg I am with Southernphone pay $49.99 per month unlimited talk/ text and 30gig data, also use it as portable wi-fi hotspot when @ home to use laptop
    3rd Apr 2018
    Be very aware that if you do connect to Mobile Broadband you will be very restricted on the amount of data available to you each month. I have had mobile internet for years and this has always been an issue
    3rd Apr 2018
    Yes but there are ways to control it, for instance get adblock so you don't download all the ads, block youtube videos, and look at your bill to see where your data is getting chewed up the most. I am with Virgin and it has roll-over data on the $40 per month plan I get 25 gb, which is enough for me, I don't do catch up TV or watch videos.

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