Five best websites for wasting time

The five best websites for simply wasting time.

Five best websites for wasting time

There are over 664 million websites active today. Just think of the amount of information online – the massive wealth of knowledge available to you. The internet is a powerful tool for learning. It is almost irreplaceable when it comes to how we conduct business. There are millions of websites that showcase products, communicate brands and businesses. And don’t get us started on the number of personal websites that enable people to tell the world how they feel today and what they just ate.

The internet is also a great space in which to waste some time if you’re bored. We’ve hunted around for some of the best websites on which to waste some time.

Weave Silk
Want to be mesmerised by artwork which you can create on screen? Weave silk allows you to draw stunning images with your mouse and is as simple to use as moving your mouse and clicking a button. It is truly a beautiful way to waste a few minutes and you almost feel as if you’ve achieved something once you’re done.

Sporcle is packed with trivia, games, quizzes – or in the words of the website, ‘mentally stimulating diversions’ on which you can while away the time. It’s good for your brain too. Who says wasting time doesn’t have an upside?

This website could hardly be called a waste of time. Instructables is packed to its virtual rafters with information and instructions on how to make heaps of stuff. The problem is that it’s easy to get lost looking at all the things you can ‘DIY’, instead of actually making those things. That’s why it makes it on to this list.

IFLScience is an amazing site on which you can spend hours and hours looking at all the amazing things that happen in the scientific and natural world. The presentation of short articles, which explain complex scientific concepts and discoveries, will actually make you feel smarter when you’ve finished browsing.

Awkward Family Photos
This website is hilarious. It is a huge collection of, yep you guessed it, awkward family photos. If you’ve ever looked back on your own family photos and cringed a little at the styles of the day, then this website will surely make you feel better about yourself.

Millions of websites could go on this list; in fact this article could probably be a ‘top five-million time wasting websites’. Next time you’ve got some time to waste, check them out. 

Do you have any favourite websites on which you like to waste time looking at or playing with? Why not share them with the YOURLifeChoices community?


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    17th Oct 2014
    I think this Web Site is Just Dandy for Wasting Time on ??..
    Just Packed with Geniuses, Political Whiz Kids and Number Crunchers !!
    What more could We want ??
    The Odd Shirtfronting <<( Whatever that is) is very entertaining Too !!
    17th Oct 2014
    I think its Polly Speak for Knuckle Sandwich ??
    17th Oct 2014
    Are you talking to yourself now particolor? didn't see you in the euthanasia debate!
    17th Oct 2014
    No !! I don't go near Youth in Asia !! I see enough of it Here !! And I think this Post IS A WASTE OF TIME Trood .... I'll go have a look but the mood I'm in after reading that Islam stuff on Google I will probably get Euthenized ??

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