Free wifi for Canberra

A $4.4 million plan will see Internet service provider iiNet partner with the ACT government to bring free wifi to Canberra.

This plan, which will make Canberra the proud owner of Australia’s largest free public internet network, is set to begin rolling out soon, with an initial target of the central civic district. When completed in October 2015, the network will contain 700 access points across the CBD and ACTION bus services, making a large network of free wifi, from citizens doorsteps to their workplaces.

Users of the free network will have access to 100MB of data per day. While this probably isn’t enough for anyone living in the network to ditch their home internet plan, it should be sufficient to make using internet outside of your house free in the area.

Internet security specialists have voiced concern over the vulnerability of the network, and are reminding future users that they should install antivirus software on their devices if they wish to use the network.

The plan follows a similar initiative recently undertaken in Adelaide, known as AdelaideFree which brings free wireless network access to 200,000 users a month. Brisbane is also currently expanding their city’s free wifi service.

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