Check if your internet speed matches what you’re paying

Are you getting the internet speed you are paying for? Here is how to check

Mice racing to finish line of internet speed

Is your internet speed living up to your expectations? Find out how to check your internet speed and what you can do if it’s not performing as well as it should. 

Before you run a speed test, make sure that nobody else is using the internet for anything else, as this will influence the result. 

Now, head to, the Speedtest tool will start loading and will then automatically select a server to use. The server is another computer that yours will communicate with to perform the test; the closer the server, the more accurate the results will be. To run a test, click the ‘Begin’ button.

The first part of the test is latency, also known as ‘ping’. This is the time it takes data to travel from your device to the server being used for the test. The lower the number, the better, as you will be able to access the internet with less delay.

Next, your download and upload speeds will be tested. To do this, your computer will download some data from the server and time how long it takes; then your computer will send some data to the server to determine your upload speed. You will be given speeds in Mbps (megabits per second), but be careful not to confuse this with megabytes (MB) – a megabit is one eighth of a megabyte.

How fast should your internet be?

The speeds below are the maximum speeds for common internet plans in Australia. You should never expect to get 100 per cent of these speeds, but if you’re paying a lot of money for speeds you’re not receiving, you may want to contact your provider.


Maximum download speed

Maximum upload speed


8 Mbps

384 Kbps


20 Mbps

820 Kbps


30 – 100 Mbps*

1 – 2 Mbps*

NBN Fibre to the Premise/Node/Basement

12 – 100 Mbps*

1 – 40 Mbps*

NBN Fixed Wireless

12 – 50 Mbps*

1 – 20 Mbps*

*Different plans are available with varying speeds

Can you make it faster?

If you’re using wifi, have a look at these eight tips to make your wifi faster, or if you really want the fastest speed possible, you should consider connecting your device to your router using a cable, if possible.



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31st Dec 2018
My ADSL2+ comes in at a minimum 67MBps - those speeds as given are way too low
31st Dec 2018
Good speed, you are a lucky person. My speed varies from site to site but generally I am happy with the speed and also the money I have to spend each month. May it last.
31st Dec 2018
Infinityoz, are you sure?
Coz that's pretty bloody fast!!!!!

Especially when you consider
a. 1Byte (B) = 8bits (b) therefore 67MBps = 536Mbps
b. ADSL2+ has a theoretical maximum of 3MBps (24Mbps) and to get that you would need to live in the exchange.

Even the fastest NBN speed is nowhere near what you claim.

And even if it was a typo and you meant 67Mbps, that is still almost 3 times the max for ADSL2+
31st Dec 2018
Methinks you DON'T have ADSL2+ or you've read the speed test screen wrong.

ADSL2+ only has a capability of 24 Mbps
1st Jan 2019
Infinityoz, would have to agree with you stated speeds are too slow.
Have just completed the test and my ADSL2+ - DOWNLOAD Mbps 30.91 and UPLOAD Mbps 1.74. These speeds are copied and pasted from the test site

1st Jan 2019
How about Home Wireless Broadband? Why isn't that on the list?

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