How to block annoying notification requests on your browser

If websites constantly ask if you want notifications sent to you, there is a way to stop that happening.

How to block annoying notification requests on your browser

When you are visiting websites, do you find yourself constantly being harassed by an annoying pop-up asking, ‘do you want this website to allow notifications?’

If you use Google Chrome as your web browser you would have seen these messages quite frequently.

The good news, however, is that it is possible and very easy to turn these pop-ups off.

First, you will need to open up Settings in Chrome and find the advanced menu. From the advanced menu, you scroll down to ‘Site Settings’, which appears just under ‘Privacy and security’ sections.

Once you are in the site settings you will be able to select notification where you will see an item that reads ‘Ask Google before sending (recommended)’. This sounds like a good thing, but if this is enabled it means that websites are free to send you requests for notifications. You should instead toggle the setting so that it blocks these requests.

You don’t have to block notifications from all websites either. If there are some websites that you want to allow notifications from, you can add in specific sites in the section underneath, which is labelled ‘Allow’.

Conversely, if there are only a few sites that you visit that cause you this problem, you can enter those web addresses under the ‘Block’ section to solve your problems.

Chrome should save all of your changes automatically and you should be free of those annoying pop-up messages.

What problems have you encountered while using Google Chrome? Do you have any browsing tips that you think might help others?

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    27th Aug 2019
    Why only Chrome?
    27th Aug 2019
    I agree, why not talk about Firefox? After all it is the most secure of all browsers.
    28th Aug 2019
    Best browser I have found is SRWare Iron. It is based on Chrome but is a lot more private and secure.

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