Unlimited downloads internet on its way!

AAPT has got the ball rolling on unlimited download plans by releasing the only cap-free plan currently available in Australia. Australia is one of the few countries around the world where caps are common on internet plans but this change may force other providers to follow suit.

Offering ADSL^2 with no download limits or throttling (slowing your internet speeds if you pass a certain download limit), AAPT has broken the internet service industry in Australia wide open.

Telstra and other companies were offering unlimited download limits on internet services around 2000-2003 on broadband services. These services were discontinued as their servers could not handle the constant bandwidth requests from the growing subscriber base. Of course, there was also the opportunity to make more money and saw a way to make more money from their customers (fees when you exceed your download limit).

Subscribing to this new APPT plan has many benefits for a user who spends the majority of their time at home. With a unlimited download plan, you can purchase as many movies, music, TV shows and games online without worrying about exceeding that limit your service provider has put in place.

How much are APPT asking per month for this service? $99 per month on a 24-month contract which also includes home phone line rental and a Wi-Fi Modem.

If you are happy with your service provider and do not see the benefit of unlimited downloads, AAPT’s move will certainly benefit you in the long run, as prices will only get better for the consumer and download limits should be lifted eventually!

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