National Broadband Network

NBN launches three new speeds

Research reveals 23 per cent of customers have upgraded to higher speed internet plans.

The best NBN plans

Are the top NBN plans as fast as they claim?

NBN affordability under scrutiny

The ACCC will consider whether Australians are able to access basic broadband plans at fair and

The scam catching older Aussies

Australians, and particularly older Australians, are losing more money to NBN scams.

NBN affordability a growing issue

The cost of basic NBN plans is becoming an affordability issue for people on lower incomes.

Older Aussies are fast learners

Australians over 65 are the fastest-growing new adopters of non-formal online education.

Spike in high-speed NBN users

Residential broadband customers continue to shift to higher-speed NBN plans.

NBN speeds still falling short

The ACCC's latest broadband speed data shows some concerning results.

NBN complaints prompt review

Speeds and connection problems dominate customer issues.

Another telco bites the NBN dust

Dodo and iPrimus join list of providers misleading over broadband internet speeds.

Is NBN or 4G faster?

Joyce wants to know if she should be considering her 4G options rather than the NBN.

First Telstra, now Optus left red-faced

Almost 9000 Optus customers set to receive compensation.

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