NBN announces new rollout plans

NBN Co has announced the next stage of the controversial broadband network.

NBN announces new rollout plans

NBN Co has announced the next 400 cities, suburbs and towns which will be added to the National Broadband Network, meaning almost 2 million homes should be connected to faster internet by late 2017.

To make this possible, NBN Co is taking a new approach. In an effort to have the network completed as quickly and inexpensively as possible, the company plans to utilise multiple technologies which will take advantage of the different infrastructures already in place.

NBN Co chief executive Mr Bill Morrow said that rolling out the project in the most economical manner was “sensible for everyone since it is taxpayer money” which is funding the construction of the network.

Construction of this phase of the network plan is set to begin in mid-2016 and is expected to be up-and-running 12–18 months later, with an overall objective of having every Australian home and business connected by 2020.

Find out how the NBN rollout is going in your neighbourhood with this interactive map.


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    2nd Dec 2014
    Thats so funny...... WE KNOW WE DON'T HAVE IT.......Whats the piont of a map to tell us what we already know.... what we want to know is WHEN!
    Polly Esther
    2nd Dec 2014
    Yep, it sure is frustrating, but you've gotta admit, it is a map of Australia alright.
    2nd Dec 2014
    We will not live long enough to get any benefit in the country.
    Tassie Devil
    2nd Dec 2014
    ours is fixed NBN which mean a box on the roof pointing to signal tower , not much faster than what I had before
    2nd Dec 2014
    I was involved in the roll-out of FTTP for South Brisbane, Telstra made the plan with a set date to complete and that's exactly how it worked. NBN Co. should ask a local how it's done and set a REAL dead line for completion. Just sick of the rubbish this government feeds us and we still can't believe it will happen. Under the ALP, I would have sent this comment on FTTP but still on ADSL1 and waiting. Thanks Mr. rAbbitt, do you have a date for when Liar Liar 2 will be screened?
    2nd Dec 2014
    Sorry ! Tripped over My Nose and Broke it in 15 Places !!
    24th Mar 2017
    Here it is 2 and a Half years later And not a Sign of it here ?? :-( :-(
    Princess Mary
    2nd Dec 2014
    surely by 2017 it will be totally out of date...and perhaps I might be dead?
    2nd Dec 2014
    I just received a Mrs Bucket Brochure in the Mail today . And its $127 a month for 20 Gigs ??
    So this Will be just about My last Post, to Your Delight !!.. Been Nice Knowing You !
    24th Mar 2017
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