NBN three-year plan update

1.3 million homes and businesses have been added to the three-year NBN plan

NBN three-year plan update

1.3 million homes and businesses have been added to the three-year NBN rollout map.

The latest announcement adds 190 towns and suburbs to the rollout map and takes the total number of premises, which will be connected to the NBN or have construction commenced by June 2016, to 4.85 million.

Find out when you will get the NBN
Start by visiting www.nbnco.com.au
In the box provided next to the words ‘Where do you live?’ type in your address and click on the ‘Find’ button.

Your area’s information will be provided in the left-hand panel with an estimated timeframe. It is important to note that the average timeframe from start of construction to NBN being available in that area is 12 months. 


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    7th May 2013
    According to the map, NBN "is coming but construction has not started yet".
    According to a Telstra serviceman, 'don't hold your breath, the ?best? you will ever get is wireless" and it will be wireless at a lower quality than can be had now. Our present service leaves a lot to be desired. Whoever wins the upcoming election will have their work cut out to give us the service we should have.
    7th May 2013
    Hi Monty,
    We are in a "remote" area (Gaeta)60klms from a major regional town.We cannot get diallup/wireless or normal broadband.We have the NBN satellite internet and I must say it is much better than I ever thought it would be. it is fast and reliable and reasonably priced.
    Take little or no notice of what Telstra will say because it is in their interest for you to stay with them.
    We dont have a landline because we dont like paying line rentals and we have only the mobile phone. TPG offer an excellent package for $17.95 /month and that is what we have. we have never used our limit and we do make a lot of calls.
    The NBN has been a great thing for us and many others that I know of
    7th May 2013
    Spoke with my brother on Skype yesterday. He lives in Tasmania and recently connected to the NBN. Even though he lives in a suburb of Hobart and has fibre to his house, he has experienced problems on numerous occasions. Yesterday it froze again whilst we were chatting and he said it was happening regularly so the system is not infallible.
    Young Simmo
    7th May 2013
    I don't care if I never see the NBN as we have good deal now. Telstra Bundled Package for $85/ month. That includes Mobile with free hour each day. Land line with free local calls, and internet with 25 GBs of which we usually only ever use 6 to 10 GBs. I pay $70.00 every pension day and slowly build up a credit and pay nothing once every 5 or 6 weeks. The mobile only ever gets used during the free hour.
    7th May 2013
    I get the same as Monty
    "The NBN is coming to your place; however construction hasn't commenced in your area as yet"

    I am with TPG and have naked broad band which allows me to watch catch up on TV and it is a speed with which I am quite happy with - I cannot think of anything I might want to do on Internet that requires a higher speed.
    7th May 2013
    No, the NBN upgrade will not help me. I cannot get ADSL2+ at my location and at best (like around 2am) I can get download speeds up to 5Mbps but in the afternoons it is around the 350KBps mark.

    I hope that with a change of government, NBN will be told to not do their roll-out into areas already served with cable but to focus on areas without ADSL2+ service as a minimum
    8th May 2013
    I have just received a letter from the government stating "Get ready for digital TV - Household Assistance Scheme". By applying early, contact the department before June 03, 2013 and my installation will be completed before the switch to digital-only TV. Well I am in the process of putting my house on the market FOR SALE. Do I, not say anything and leave the switchover to the new owners, I personally think my house will be a knockdown, or still apply for the digital-only set top box. ? Can anyone out there give me some advise.
    8th May 2013
    Illawarra [parts of]: will be lucky to see it within 5 years and some areas dont even have a color code so are they to be excluded - what a farce

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