Top five online dating websites

Discover the top five online dating websites, some specifically geared to over 50s.

Top five online dating websites
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Looking for love in this digital age can be a minefield. Discover the top five online dating websites, some specifically geared to over 50s, to get back in the game.


OkCupid allows you to register for free. Unless you need more space in your inbox or you wish to get rid of the ads, it is not necessary to pay the $9.95 per month for a premium membership. OkCupid matches members using a maths-based matching system. Once you have set up your basic profile you can then opt to answer hundreds of questions such as whether you like animals, are a messy person or how often you brush your teeth. You are then matched up with people who gave the most similar answers to you. The more questions you answer, the more accurate your results will be.


RSVP is Australia’s most populous online dating site, with over 2 million members, giving you a better chance of finding someone you may wish to meet up and have coffee with. RSVP also has an ‘over 50 and fabulous’ dedicated website. It’s free to join, view profiles and see who has looked at your profile. If you want to get in contact with another member, you will need to pay for a ‘stamp’ to send them an email. Stamps start at $4.59 each, and one stamp allows free unlimited contact between two members for 30 days. You can also sign up for a paid account to access compatibility scores and access more email options. Accounts start from $6.65 per month.

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    14th Dec 2013
    There are many scammers lurking within these sites, waiting to pounce on the unwary.
    Be aware of them. They tend to be overly effusive with praise for your good looks/profile/etc, can't spell and present themselves usually by being an engineer or doctor, purportedly working in one country, but originating from another. Irish working in the USA is a favourite.
    They don't answer direct personal questions either, and cause confusion by asking questions you have already answered. Take note particularly of what time the message was sent. The wee small hours of the morning indicates overseas activity, probably Ghana or Nigeria. And if you wonder why you don't ever get any messages on weekends, they don't work then.
    Their aim is to isolate you from the sites by wanting to communicate by either email or phone - the rest is a forgone conclusion if they are successful with their scam - that is to relieve you of as much cash as they can with a sob story or by enticing you to travel somewhere to meet your heart's desire. It is well known what the result of that could be.
    Having said all that, if you are lucky enough to find the genuine article and you live happily ever after, I send my heartfelt congrats. You have steered successfully through the minefield!
    2nd Mar 2014
    And unfortunately there are many dating sites that are scams themselves. As the manager of I have seen many distressed people come to us after they have handed over money to a dating website only to find they can't communicate with the site, funds continue to be removed from their credit cards even though they had cancelled, additional fees charged, and zero matches made.

    Every day we see sites pop up, but can usually link them back to another scam site. Looking at sites such as or will give you a heads up on the site's legitimacy...
    19th May 2020
    Thanks for very interesting information
    When I chose a site where i can meet online beautiful girls I looked at a lot of information on review sites.
    Comparing the advantages of different sites, I think I chose a good one, here is just a good review
    Not saying its 100% correct but this website has some information:

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