What Australians Googled in 2017

Google has revealed the most popular searches of 2017

What you Googled in 2017

Google’s annual ‘Year In Search’ gives us a unique overview of popular interests and concerns in Australia and the world over the last 12 months. Our collective search for information becomes its own historical record for the year. Scroll down to see Google’s inspiring video summary.  

Overall, Australians revealed themselves to be quite techy and very sporty.

Aussie searches
1. Australian Open 2017
2. Melbourne Cup 2017
3. Wimbledon 2017
4. Fidget spinner
5. Cyclone Debbie
6. iPhone 8
7. North Korea
8. Chris Cornell
9. iPhone X
10. Amazon Australia site 

Global Searches
1. Hurricane Irma
2. iPhone 8
3. iPhone X
4. Matt Lauer
5. Meghan Markle
6. 13 Reasons Why
7. Tom Petty
8.  Fidget Spinner
9.  Chester Bennington
10. India National Cricket Team 

What is ...?
1. What is MSG
2.  What is Bitcoin
3.  What is kimchi
4.  What is a publican
5.  What is covfefe (we still don’t know the answer to this one)
6. What is a fidget spinner
7. What is MSG and why is it bad
8. What is Sharia law
9. What is DACA
10. What is Good Friday 

1. Chicken breast recipe
2. Ground beef recipe
3. Pogaca tarifi (Turkish bread recipe)
4. French toast recipe
5. Kek tarifi (cake recipe)
6. Pork chop recipe
7. Spaghetti squash recipe
8. Coleslaw recipe
9. Pesto recipe
10. Dumpling recipe

Why not explore the list for yourself and see how we all Googled for the year?



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    invisible sock
    28th Dec 2017
    "What is covfefe (we still don’t know the answer to this one)"

    He may have meant "confetti".
    As in "today's news is tomorrow's fish & chip paper."
    28th Dec 2017
    It says to me that 'people' have little regard for who they elect and the future of the planet in general. More about what feels good and what I need. What a sad lot we are.
    Hope 2018 is better but the lists above indicate otherwise. Glass half empty! I know.
    28th Dec 2017
    Notice the "Yes" movement for the gay rights is not mentioned. We were bombarded with comments.
    These stats are made up.
    28th Dec 2017
    Rosret, be grateful for small mercies.
    28th Dec 2017
    Why do I think this is a furphy?
    I think Google has made an odd sort of statistical analysis here.
    No real estate, no porn, no music, no Facebook, no Netflix?
    Perhaps this isn't Google's report just the fidget spinner company trying to continue the dying craze.
    28th Dec 2017
    Can't see anything I Googled.! Maybe it was to rude to publicize.

    28th Dec 2017
    I didn't Google ANY of those things (and care even less about them). I guess that makes me unusual.
    28th Dec 2017
    I searched the Australian Amazon site ( it was rubbish).I hate watching sport so that was it.
    29th Dec 2017
    Tib with you 100% on that statement on sport, one of my pet HATES
    29th Dec 2017
    All I can say is what a boring lot we have on the planet -- if thats all they are interested in, there sure isn't anything there that I googled

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