Keep your smart device charged

There is nothing more frustrating than running out of battery when using your smart device. Drew explains how a battery case can keep your device charged.

Depending on your smart device, a battery case can provide anywhere between 50 per cent and 150 per cent of a full charge to your device before running out of power itself. Battery cases also provide your smart device with protection from scratches and breakage if you happen to drop it.

There are many options available for smartphone and tablet devices, so what should you be looking for?

As with most items, the more you spend, the higher quality the item you will receive. You will generally find that a higher priced case will give your phone more protection and come with a higher power and larger battery. Please note that Apple changed the connection cord in the past year so make sure you purchase an iPhone case which suits your plug.

Budget: $15.49 i-Power Battery Charger Case for iPhone
Medium: $34.95 iExtender Rechargeable Battery Case for iPhone 4 
Top of the range: $99.99 Griffin Reserve Convertible Battery Case for Apple iPhone 5 

Android / Blackberry / Windows Phone
There is a very limited number of cases for non-iPhone smartphones. Android devices allow the user to replace their current battery with a fully charged new battery in a matter of seconds. This would be my preferred method for dealing with battery life issues on an Android device, but there are times when you can’t take a spare battery with you, or you simply forget.

You can search eBay and other online technology websites for cases made specifically for your smart device. You should be able to get a case for $30-$70. One of the few companies making battery cases for multiple devices is PowerSkin. With cases for over 21 devices ranging from $19.99 up to $79.99, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of these cases.

iPad and iPad Mini
While the iPad and iPad Mini come with extraordinary battery life, watching a few movies on a long bus ride or flight can drain the battery dry. Depending on the brand and where you buy the product, you can expect to pay anywhere between $40 and $100 for a battery case for your iPad and iPad Mini. Below I have listed an example case for both devices.

iPad 3: $99.99 PowerBack Battery Case
iPad Mini: $49.95 iPad Mini Battery Case

Written by Drew

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