New iPads coming for Christmas

Last week Apple announced two new offerings to be released just in time for Christmas – the new iPad Air and iPad Mini.

The iPad Air is the latest version of the traditional iPad and is 43 percent thinner than the previous version weighing just 450 grams. The new iPad Mini features a high-definition ‘Retina’ screen.

Both devices include Apple’s newly designed A7 chip with 64-bit ‘desktop-class architecture which Apple claims it will provide all-day battery life and will be screaming fast. Apple has also added new features such as smarter multitasking, Control Centre and AirDrop.

This time around, Apple has focused more on providing a better experience for the user, which has seen both the iPad Air and iPad Mini installed with two antennas instead of one as with the previous models. Apple is claiming that this could provide up to 2X faster wifi speeds.

Overall, there is nothing particularly groundbreaking about the new iPads, but the weight and size reduction of the iPad Air does make it significantly easier for those who use their iPads as an eBook.

Apple hasn’t given a set release date as of yet, but the Apple Store website is telling us the new models will be available in late November.

Prices start at $598 for a wifi only 16GB Air, $749 for a wifi+Cellular 16GB Air, $479 for a wifi only 16GB Mini and $629 for a wifi+Cellular 16GB Mini.

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Written by Drew

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