Restaurants ban food photo taking

A number of restaurants in New York City have recently banned customers from taking photos of their food. Will this over-zealous policing catch on in Australia?

The reasons given for banning images is definitely broad. One owner said that due to the nature of their business, where customers sit together on large round tables, taking a photo, especially with the flash turned on, was distracting and disrespectful to other customers. Other restaurants have taken a more mature approach in banning the use of flash when taking a photo in their restaurant.

It seems to me that these restaurants don’t understand that a good review and photo posted online is the new equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising. But instead of only a few people receiving the tip, potentially thousands of people will see the photo from that restaurant.

I am as guilty as the next person in the fact that I do, on occasion, take photos of food at restaurants and post them to either Twitter or Facebook. There is simply something fun about sharing an amazing meal you are about to enjoy with your friends, which in turn creates interaction.

There are no signs of any restaurants implementing similar policies in Australia, but the no flash rule should be observed as a common courtesy to others around you anyway.

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