145 million eBay accounts hacked

Hackers have gained access to eBay’s database, compromising 145 million users.

145 million eBay accounts hacked

Last week eBay released information about a cyber attack on its databases which occurred in late February. The attack gained hackers access to the names, encrypted passwords, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses and dates of birth of 145 million users. eBay is reassuring users that there is no evidence of a breach to the separate database which contains financial information, however, if this attack took three months to be detected (or eBay took three months to decide to make information public), who knows what will be revealed in the coming months.

What you should change
So how can you protect yourself now that this information is public? The first thing you should do is change your eBay password, to do so click here and then enter the email address which you use for eBay and click continue. The next step requires you to choose to verify yourself over email, text message or phone call, choosing whichever is most convenient. If you choose email, you will receive a link to the page where you can change your password. If you chose phone call or sms, you will receive a PIN to use to reset your password. Enter it and continue to the next page to enter your new password.

In spite of eBay’s assurance that financial information was not accessed, you should consider changing your PayPal password, particularly if your PayPal password is the same as your eBay account password. To change your PayPal password, log into your PayPal account and click ‘Profile’ at the top of the page. Next click ‘Change’ beside Password/Security Questions and select ‘Password’. Now click ‘Edit’ and verify your account information and then enter your current password and your new updated one. Finally, click ‘Save’.

Do you think eBay’s three-month delay in letting the public know about this breach is negligent?


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    27th May 2014
    Yes, it's extremely negligent of eBay to have such poor security in the first place, and to take 3 months to find out the breach and then let users know about it.

    I have found that eBay cares little about their users, and is only focussed on ever-increasing charges and eBay profits.

    Their recent change to charges to include postage as part of the total sale price, for eBay percentage charge calculations, is nothing short of a rort that makes banks look positively generous.

    I stopped selling on eBay when they made it obvious they only want the huge sellers that turn over millions annually, and they can't be bothered with "hobby" sellers.

    It's time for someone else to step in with an eBay competitor that actually has a decent relationship with their clients.
    Every seller I speak to, hates eBay with a vengeance, for their attitude.
    27th May 2014
    Scaremongering is rife -
    They scaremonger to keep us insecure & in line -
    I need proof.
    [ All your communications are recorded & stored ] - that is what they tell us.
    Every day there are ever more such stories -

    I ask you - do you really think that they would deliberately allow that to happen/deliberately take that risk -
    I seriously doubt it........
    It is yet again them playing KING KONG.
    Be careful out there because thieves are a dime a dozen -
    If it did happen
    Maybe it was WALL STREET
    Maybe it was the banking sector.

    You know hoe it goes in the who done it's - it is always the butler.
    27th May 2014
    I've used Ebay around a hundred times to buy and sell and have no complaints. Sure the charges to sell are higher than they used to be but knowing that, a seller can up the start price to cover it. When you consider the price and inconvenience to sell at an auction house or the cost to advertise in Australia wide newspapers to get the same coverage Ebay charges aren't too bad and remember, unlike newspaper ads you only pay Ebay if you sell the item. I've only had one problem as a seller when a buyer from the USA didn't pay. Ebay refunded their fee and relisted the item free so I wasn't out of pocket. I for one, am happy to continue with Ebay but I agree that charging a percentage on postage is wrong. Its like the government charging GST on Stamp Duty but that's another subject.
    29th May 2014
    I agree with Aaron. I also stopped selling on eBay as a hobby seller and crossed to quicksales.com.au, haven't looked back. There is no charge to sellers as long as they do not register to become a shop, then there are some charges but nothing as savage as eBay.

    For the other sellers who just want to sell a few items or get rid of an unwanted item there are no charges of any kind upfront or at end of sale - it is all free. The number of people who have crossed over from eBay are helping make it a growing Australian competitor. Much nicer people to deal with on the whole. quicksales is an arm of carsales.com.au which is a reputable site you occasionally hear advertised on TV.

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