5G network expected to launch in Australia by 2020

Telcos expected to launch a 5G network throughout Australia by 2020.

5G network expected to launch in Australia by 2020

Australia’s biggest telecommunication companies, including Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, are working together to develop and implement a 5G network throughout Australia by 2020.

Testing of 5G technology has shown speeds to be up to 800 times faster than average 4G network speeds. Market-leading countries, such as South Korea and the United States, are expecting to rollout 5G technology commercially some time in 2017.

The introduction of 5G technology could mean we can have 3D video conversations and downloading movies may only take a matter of seconds.

With the introduction of the NBN eating into telecommunication sectors profits, telcos see 5G as the next revenue source that will sustain healthy profits long into the future. This is good news for consumers for quite a few reasons, the main one being that 5G will be built to handle further expansion of population and devices.

Are you excited to hear our telcos are working together to develop and implement 5G technology in Australia? Do you think you will gain access to 5G technology before the NBN is implemented in your area?

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    1st Dec 2016
    By the time NBN reaches us (12k from cbd)it will be obsolete.We had a promo booth for NBN at Aspley this year and when we asked about our connection were told about 5 years.I also cannot see any benefit from NBN to a normal home owner who does not have teenage kids and does not download heaps of entertainment
    1st Dec 2016
    There we go, forced to buy a new phone again!
    1st Dec 2016
    I have had NBN connected in September and experienced no great difference to speed or buffering which is always a pain. We do download programs using Netflix which is great but uses heaps of GB so will have to change the plan and pay more for the privilege. We are in Tasmania and original plan was for FTTP and we ended up with FTTN which has not been a success at all. Interested to see what 5G is all about and if/when it will rollout down here.
    1st Dec 2016
    i have a FTTN box 100 metres from my place for more than a year,seen numerous workers there,but still does NOT work,GOOD ON YER Malcom TURNBULL
    1st Dec 2016
    At South Maroota (less than 50klms from Sydney CBD) we are still waiting for mobile reception for 4G.
    3G which used to work with phone in a cradle, now does not because the new phones don't have a cradle yet ...
    in most parts of Kakadu we had great reception.
    Come on guys; get your act together!
    8th Dec 2016
    and i tell ya i got 4g in the city. but if i sit in a postion in my unit. I sit get SQUat!!
    NOt really that helpful at all.
    1st Dec 2016
    if you have fibre to the node (copper to your premises), the system is already out of date and broken, there is NO I don't went it as it will be the only thing available soon, because they will be turning the old system off, I had priority assistance on the old system, but can't get that on the new, because the battery backup supplied by the NBN does not work on fibre to the node, the Liberal Government is responsible for this nightmare, Labor set it up correctly then the Liberals screwed it up trying to save a quid, Turnbull is surrounded by yes men, who have no idea what is happening in the world
    2nd Dec 2016
    We have to wait a couple of years yet for the NBN. I don't mind waiting so long, considering it is such a rubbish product, for which customers can't refuse.
    I know people near Bathurst who have a worse internet service since this D-grade NBN was forced on them. The internet now drops out intermittently, mid-email. Crumbs! Dial-up internet was better!
    I am hoping that a future federal Govt will realise this sub-standard FTTN is totally inadequate for future technologies and enable FTTP as the standard. No doubt us punters will have to pay for it twice, which Turnbull could have prevented, had he any balls. He would have boosted his, and his Party's, electoral stocks, if only he were brave and proud enough to stick to his principles. He's a lame duck.
    8th Dec 2016
    It sounds like they really don't know what the heck they are doing.
    They are faking it. thats all i have to say :( and charging an arm and a leg for everything they say will change, ah, but nothing does!!
    1st Dec 2016
    There's really no comparison between the NBN and the 5G network. Not much use having super fast internet access through a phone with the sort of pissant mongrel data allowances these scumbags allow us now ! Might think about it if I am offered 300-400 Gbytes data allowance for less than $60 per month !
    1st Dec 2016
    I get better than that for three phones on one plan with Vodaphone and the three phones share the data\
    2nd Dec 2016
    Mmmm, just been to Vodafone's website, can't find anything remotely close to that
    5th Dec 2016
    I have been under contract to them and Crazy Johns before Vodaphone brought them out, and they have given me a great deal, you just have to go and talk to them, they won't have the best deals on show, you have to ask
    3rd Dec 2016
    The galah"s in charge haven't fixed the current system yet and they never will. How can you think about the next step, spin and more spin. In the meantime we are going to the dogs. The masai in Africa have a better connection than I have here. In Belgium trials are underway for 5G. In 2010 the standard for fast internet in Holland was already 100 kbs are we dreaming here?
    5th Dec 2016
    I wonder what the health implications of 5G will be - already we know of the health risks associated with mobile phone radiation, and 5G is going to be much more powerful. I for one, am not looking forward to it.
    6th Dec 2016
    Radiation from electronic devices has been with us for years - did you own a CRT TV in the past (you may still have one). Back in 1956 the radiation from a TV was far worse then a mobile phone. TV, radio signals are all around us - you'll be right.

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