App of the month December

We uncover the best free and paid iPhone and iPad apps each month.

App of the month December

Test your skills and save money with YOURLifeChoices best free and paid apps of the month.

Free app of the month: 


Incredibly addictive and satisfying, WordBrain is a simple word-puzzle app. The app generates grids of letters from which you must find a certain word or words. The puzzles increase in difficulty, and although you’ll start with easy four letter puzzles, after a few levels this app will be testing both your vocabulary and puzzle solving skills.

Word Brain is available for free on iPhone and iPad.

Paid app of the month: 


MonSense is a brand new and easy-to-use money management app. Entering in your incomes and expenses is easy to do and takes just a few taps. After using the app for a week or two, you’ll be able to see where all your money goes through easy to understand charts and graphs. These can then also be exported to your computer.

Some of MonSense’s features include

  • multiple customisable accounts
  • repeating transactions, which is convenient for rent or pension payments
  • a daily reminder, so you don’t forget to input your transactions for the day
  • plenty of customisable categories so you know exactly where your money is going.

For $2.49 this intuitive app will show you where you’re spending money and help you look for ways to save cash. It’s very easy to use, and will take 15 or so minutes to set up, and then a couple of minutes each day to keep up to date, but the money it’ll help you save is well worth it.

Available for iPhone and iPad.


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