Facial recognition to invade your privacy

A new technology is raising privacy concerns in Australia and all over the world.

Facial recognition privacy concerns

As technology advances it seems the public's right to privacy is being further invaded. The latest invasion comes in the form of facial recognition. Amazon's ‘Rekognition’ software hit the market last year at an extremely affordable price and is being adopted worldwide.

The software has recently been successfully used by news agencies around the world to identify guests at the Royal wedding and is in regular use in the USA to identify members of Congress.

The advancement in facial recognition technology has been so fast that it has been introduced to the market without proper Government regulations in place.

"We should have a set of principles that developers like Amazon and others are encouraged, if not required, to use," said Human Rights Commissioner Edward Santow.

Increasing the accuracy of reporting by news agencies in situations where celebrities or politicians are expecting to be identified seems a logical and acceptable use of such technology. This technology could also be used to help security at football stadiums, amusement parks and shopping centres, to recognise lost children as well as to identify previously marked thieves and barred members of the community.

For all the positives this software provides, what is the effect of this on the privacy of the individuals in everyday life? The question you really need to ask is: would you be okay with CCTV vision from Flinders Street or Central Station identifying you against a database and recording your movements?



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    9th Jul 2018
    9th Jul 2018
    This is the ongoing theft of privacy. One can see this playing out badly in time as governments of all persuasion in all countries use the software to monitor citizens....whilst claiming they are protecting them. This is already playing out here in Australia with 'terrorism' cited to justify the removal of individual privacy. At the helm.....the current government. As I keep lamenting: the dictatorship at work, one step at a time.
    9th Jul 2018
    Read "Surveillance Society" by David Lyon. It's chilling.
    9th Jul 2018
    only someone who has something to hide will fear this technology.

    rorters , thieves and rapists come to mind, and union officials of course
    9th Jul 2018
    The typical government spiel.
    If anybody has something to hide you have Raphael. I'm sure you are a rorter......and who knows about the other accusations.
    Put up or shut up!
    9th Jul 2018
    I don’t agree, Raphael. It will be too easy to use advanced technology for corrupt purposes. Too many power puppets in high places.
    9th Jul 2018
    Corrupt purposes ?
    how ???

    this sort of technology will be used to prevent identity theft, welfare fraud and catch criminals including terrorists

    don't get fooled by Mick and his leftie nonsense
    9th Jul 2018
    Where's the rest of your cash for comment clan Raphael? At Liberal Party HQ planning the smear strategy for tomorrow?

    I am willing to bet you all come in together repeating the gutter attacks on Shorten which we saw on 7 (not) News tonight. Disgraceful smear run by 7 News featuring ex Labor leader Mark Latham who I understand is now working for the Murdoch stable.

    Tell me it is not so dear troll. Will see tomorrow!
    9th Jul 2018
    I have a sticker over the camera on my laptop. I do not like the way the camera on my phone seems to flick over to selfie mode without me actually touching the screen. I assume its pocket touch.
    9th Jul 2018
    I have done this for years. Even Zuckerberg does the same.
    9th Jul 2018
    Pretty quiet here today. There must be something big brewing if the right wing trolls are not posting. A meeting to decide on what sort of lying spew is to be run tomorrow???
    9th Jul 2018
    Well I hope you hold your breath till then.
    9th Jul 2018
    If only the Rightards held theirs - indefinitely.
    9th Jul 2018
    You know - the next step after this is to have everyone fitted with a microchip like cats and dogs! Life is turning out like science fiction. As for modern technology, well it's getting far and away too complicated for us 'recycled teenagers'.
    9th Jul 2018
    I agree, Denny. The apocalyptically inclined would say being fitted with a microchip (or tattooed with a bar-code) is "The Mark of the Beast".
    9th Jul 2018
    To late, it is the intention of the government to get as much information on everyone in australia, they have our photographs on drivers licences as well as racial profiling, passport, bank camera atm activity. Recently transport dept in queensland asked me for phone number and email address why? they have never rung me in 45 yrs, I never give out personal info to government depts. A mobile phone is a personal tracking device and police ask for it, it can tell them who your friends etc, this is what the government is capable of and it already has started.

    9th Jul 2018
    Big Brother is here.
    9th Jul 2018
    I have nothing to hide but it still concerns me that the facial recognition may just get it wrong.
    10th Jul 2018
    If you really do have nothing to hide , then why worry if facial recognition may just get it wrong?
    OK, this technology did fail during the Boston Marathon bombing, because the suspect was in their data base, but that was due to no clear visibility. Once this technology develops a large data base, coupled with the installation of more cameras in more strategic locations, mistakes will be minimised.
    We didn't drive cars initially because we were afraid they would scare the horses.
    9th Jul 2018
    You allude to a 'right to privacy', from where does this 'right' come? As far as I am aware there is no general 'right to privacy". There are legislated 'privacy' provisions in certain situations (for instance tax legislation). As far as I can deduce we surrender our 'privacy' every time CCTV is used, either as a security measure or as a surveillance tool. Facial recognition is merely an extension of this surveillance.

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