Introducing Windows 10

With Windows 10, Microsoft has revolutionised the way you’ll use your computer from now on.

Introducing Windows 10

Microsoft has skipped right over Windows 9 and launched a brand new operating system, Windows 10, with radical and impressive changes will change the way people use their computers forever. The highly awaited return of the Start menu boasts multitasking enhancements, which allow users to tailor their Start menu and resize it to include as many live tiles as they like. With multiple desktops and switching between apps made easy, you can organise your computer to best suit your individual needs.

Adapted for use across a broad range of devices, the new Windows will appeal to touchscreen device and PC users. The design is bright, bold and intuitive, and Microsoft hopes it will satisfy everyone—from school children playing with computers for the first time and those wishing to have a smoother computing experience, to professional writers, engineers and gamers wanting an efficient, tailored tech experience.

Windows 10 will be available for sale in 2015, while Windows 8 is still available for $149. With pricing of the new Windows yet to be confirmed, there is a strong rumour of a free upgrade or discount for current Windows 8 users.

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    16th Oct 2014
    I don't believe Windows 10 has been "launched" yet. I understand it has been announced, and will be released end of 2015.
    16th Oct 2014
    I have the developer's preview of Win10, it looks good and most Win7/8 users shouldn't have any problems with it.
    16th Oct 2014
    Hi ourjeffie. The Windows OS was launched to the press in San Francisco in late September, though it isn't available until next year for consumers.
    16th Oct 2014
    Maybe Windows 9 had problems like Windows 8.
    A relative of mine bought a new hi-tech computer earlier this year and it has Windows 7 in it as at that point it was the most reliable.
    Peter B
    16th Oct 2014
    Most new PCs come loaded with Win8, but I was able to get the added option of Win8 plus Win7 with Win7 the operating system. I use Win7 as I don't have a touch screen, but I have the choice of both systems.
    17th Oct 2014
    You don't need a touch screen for windows 8. I added the win 7 start menu to my win8 (3rd party program) and it's fine. A lot faster than windows 7, and just as reliable.
    16th Oct 2014
    I was using window7 and recently decided to upgrade to windows 8.1. What a waste of time that was! I have since returned to windows 7. Would I even think of an upgrade to windows10 if it was free? Not before end 2016 would be my comment.
    16th Oct 2014
    When we retired June 2013, new owners of our business were forced to upgrade their software to windows 8. Without it they could not upgrade essential software. It was a nightmare & took 3 months to sort out. We were glad it wasnt us !
    16th Oct 2014
    I have just heard that the dreaded Microsoft has the ability to copy all of our keystrokes on Windows 10. Furthermore, I discovered to my dismay that my Office program which I purchased from Microsoft is now defunct because it has run out of Warranty. Has anyone heard of this? I can now get to use Office again if I pay $100 pa BUT this will include full service if I need to fix the program again. LUCKY ME!
    16th Oct 2014
    I have Windows 7, and use 'Open 3' without a problem..though sometimes my font changes back to 12 which appears to be a default, but that is probably my lack of knowing how to stop it.
    22nd Oct 2014
    I have been using Office 365 for nearly two years now and it's the best thing I ever did. I always have the current version of Office and get the whole Office Pro Suite with Cloud space and free Skype for $98/annum. That's 27 cents a day and I get to use it on 5 pc's so you can give one to a friend or family member. OTOH, the same product without the cloud space and Skype costs $599 for 1 PC and is guaranteed to be out of date in 3 years. They sold me. My first office version was 95.
    16th Oct 2014
    I'm not sure of which office version you were using but Microsoft has several. I buy their programs from the internet eg. ebay. I would also note that maybe you do not need the latest version of office? I find 2010 very nice.
    16th Oct 2014
    I bought a new laptop last year and I insisted that I get 7 or I would not buy --from Dell --happy with 7 and I also have a desk top of Vista which I also like.

    I am teaching friends --who had never seen a computer b4 --they have 8 --I changed it to 8.1 but still an absolute PAIN, I would NEVER get anything to do with 8

    16th Oct 2014
    I have been waiting for a new operating system as I badly need a new PC . There was no way I was going over to Windows8.
    16th Oct 2014
    Try Dell Radish and tell them you want 7 they will have some left I am sure --it will be 64 bit
    Peter B
    16th Oct 2014
    Do as I did and get both Win7 and Win8 on the PC, with only Win7 activated. That way you can upgrade from 8 to 10 if you wish. Mine is also 64bit.
    Peter B
    16th Oct 2014
    I can recommend Lenovo-excellent, fast delivery.
    16th Oct 2014
    Hope it's better than Windows 8. Have just bought a new laptop with Windows 8 preloaded and it is absolute rubbish, just too much happening. Perhaps Microsoft would be better off remembering the KISS principle.
    16th Oct 2014
    I think an upgrade to Ubuntu is better value.
    17th Oct 2014
    and its FREE
    19th Oct 2014
    I wish people would persevere with Windows 8.1 I did and would not change back to 7 - and looking forward 10 - must keep up with the times

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