Knock-off charger electrocutes woman

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The death of a Sydney woman in April is believed to have been caused by a cheap USB charger which did not meet Australian electronics safety standards.

The knock-off charger in question was purchased from a phone accessory store in southwest Sydney, which has since been forced to remove them from sale. The store owner is now facing a fine of up to $87,500 and may serve up to two years jail time. 

Unapproved chargers vary in appearance with some looking exactly like brand name devices, but when an authorised seller isn’t selling the charger, there’s no guarantee that you’re purchasing a certified device.

An official Apple USB wall charger costs $25, plus shipping, where a charger identical in appearance can be purchased on eBay for $1 with shipping included. With such a saving, it’s easy to see why people would purchase these knock-offs, but few are aware of just how dangerous they can be. Is it really worth the risk?

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Written by ryanbo


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    But you haven’t answered your question – how to tell if charger is safe.

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    Unless I’m wrong, and yes it has happened, I thought the news story stated that the person involved was not only charging her equipment but was also using it via ear phones. In other words she was hooked up to the electricity grid. If a fault of any kind, a short circuit for instance took place for any reason it is reasonable to expect the current to flow through to the ear phones and then to the person hooked up, consequently to be electrocuted. I suspect that if my Nokia phone was being charged by my Nokia charger and I was talking on it via earplugs and a similar electrical fault occurred, then I would expect to be electrocuted. I do not think my approved Nokia branded charger would save me. Not sure, but. Still it’s a sad story.

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    I understand that if it’s got a tick on it it’s OK.
    BUT, any manufacturer can put that on ……..
    So, how can one be sure?

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    How to be sure ???>>>>>>>> An official Apple USB wall charger costs $25, plus shipping

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    The only charger I use is the one that came with he phone, when bought.



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