Telstra reduces roaming rates

Telstra has cut their global roaming rates to 20 per cent of current levels.

Telstra reduces roaming rates

Telstra has given into mounting industry pressure and announced changes to their global roaming charges. The announcement comes in response to competitors Vodafone and Optus lowering their rates significantly in recent months.

Optus lowered their charges to between $0.50 and $1 per 1MB depending on the country a consumer visits, while Vodafone offers a $5 charge for the user to gain access to their current data plan overseas.

Telstra has lowered their charge per 1MB from $15 down to $3 for casual usage and have significantly increased the quantity of data provided when consumers purchase a Casual Traveller Data Pack. The current $29 data pack buys 20MB and will be increased to 100MB. The changes will come into effect on 14 October 2013.

The telco’s have been price gouging customers for years with overseas data roaming rates and while the changes are a significant win for the consumer, the charges are still too high when you consider Optus’ rates are 16.6 per cent of what Telstra is charging per MB in some countries.

Do you feel the telecommunications industry has been given a free reign on pricing for too long and it’s time for the government to enforce competitive, yet affordable pricing? 


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    2nd Oct 2013
    About time. I clocked up charges of $17,000+ for less than 1 gb download a few years ago.
    2nd Oct 2013
    Still a rip off.
    2nd Oct 2013
    How right you are PeterJohn.
    Best to buy a local SIM when travelling abroad. The rates for the Amaysim SIM (with a 90 day expiry) I've just purchased (for when I visit Oz) has been quoted to me as:
    Call - $0.12/min, with no flag fall
    SMS - $0.12/ message, each 160 character
    MMS - $0.49 picture
    Mobile Surf - $0.05/MB

    Free WiFi is now becoming more widely available (if you have the device to use it) both in hotels and shops so an investment in something like a Netbook (or Notebook) or a Tablet might seem something to consider.
    2nd Oct 2013
    Wifi is available for Smartphones in much of the world, so you can email and surf for free in most cafes, hotels etc. Australia is one of the last places where hotels expect you to pay for wifi. In the US we bought a phone for $10 and a $20 charge and we had all the local calls we needed.
    3rd Oct 2013
    My sailor son buys a local sim card when he is overseas. He also has a notebook to keep in contact. He has just completed a trip across the Nullarbor and has been able to post pics to Facebook of his travels back to the east coast.
    3rd Oct 2013
    Our local telcos have a l-o-n-g way to go if they want to match those from other countries. It makes more sense for the traveller to buy a local sim card for the country being visited and to use wi fi which others have noted. Unlocking mobile phones OS will typically cost about $10

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