Why you must switch on two-factor authorisation

Keep your account secure from hackers with two-factor authorisation.

Turn on two-factor authorisation

Facebook, Instagram, Hotmail, Gmail and Twitter all offer users the ability to use two-factor authorisation to keep their accounts secure. So why should you activate this feature and how can it save you in the long run?

A friend called me last Friday after her Instagram account was hacked. The details had been changed and so were those of the Hotmail account she had created over 15 years ago.

She revealed to me that she had used the same password for almost every source of social media, as well as her email account, which is the worst possible practice. Even with such poor password practices, two-factor authorisation would have prevented the takeover of this Instagram account through the need for verification via the user’s phone.

The process of setting up two-factor authorisation is simple, so follow the how-to articles provided below or, for a service not listed, look for ‘two-factor authorisation product name’ in Google search.




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Old Geezer
5th Nov 2018
One should never put anything personal on any of these platforms as they are so easily hacked.
5th Nov 2018
I honestly don't understand the need to share everything you do each day, with the whole world!
If you have a "closed" or "private" account to share with Family & Friends, that's one thing. But you're asking for hassles by making all your info public.

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