How to identify who is calling you from that number

Drew explains how to find out who is calling you via an internet search.

Who is calling you from that number?

Are you constantly receiving calls from numbers you don’t recognise? You aren’t alone. Today, I received what seems to be a weekly ‘mystery’ call from an unknown number. The 02 8036 4732 number suggested the call was coming from New South Wales, but this isn’t always the case, as overseas operators are able to purchase Australian numbers to hook their services through.

The rise of nuisance calls in Australia has led to a large increase in Australians taking to Google to determine who is calling them. Follow my steps below to determine who is calling you and how to block a number on your mobile device.

Open Google on your web browser. Type in ‘Who is calling me from’ and then enter the number. For this example, we will use 02 8036 4732.

For this number, there are several sources giving us quality information on who has called me. The top link has ‘4 Complaints’ in the headline from a website called Reverse Australia. This particular website allows users to post information on exactly who the number relates to, and to allow other users to look it up. In this instance, the four responses didn’t answer our question.

The second link in your Google search list should be ‘Should I Answer’. In the description area, we are told there are three user reviews of this number, so this is worth visiting. Scrolling to the bottom, we find out from the third review that someone named ‘Foss’ has identified the caller as the charity company Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders), although Foss spells it as ‘Medicans Sans Frontiers’.

If you no longer want to receive calls from this number, you can follow these steps to block the number on your smartphone.



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    3rd Sep 2018
    After receiving several of these calls during the night (4 between 3am and 4 am) I contacted Telstra. They have now blocked all overseas numbers, except the ones I specified e.g. from relatives). I have had none of these calls since. Oh....the peace and quiet is wonderful
    3rd Sep 2018
    Aweful. We get heaps of calls and I now play with them. Either just put down the phone and allow them to talk for a couple of minutes before they realise nobody is on the other end or ask them to go stand in front of the mirror and ponder how it feels to be a crook or ask them what their mother would think of them if she knew that were a crook. Then I tell them to quit and get an honest job.
    I know.....these people would not care. Likely a crooked heart so scamming foreigners does not rate.

    It is possible for governments to require ISPs to shout down these operators. They won't. Why?
    3rd Sep 2018
    Soon, landlines will be non-existent. So that leaves mobile numbers and NBN. Not sure how it will work via NBN but with mobile phone I have registered with "Do Not Call Register" on-line and it has done its job over the last two years. No more annoying call centre nuisance calls. Beware of "Comparative" websites such as Energy where they advertise 'free quotes' but only if you provide them with your telephone number. This a very annoying con. They don't provide free quotes on the website unlike some Insurance companies except one, who does the same annoying antic.
    Karl Marx
    3rd Sep 2018
    The "do not call" register is useless IMHO. I registered both mobile & landline & still received calls from overseas & scammers. I also think that charities & political parties are exempt from the DNC register
    5th Sep 2018
    The "Do Not Call" register is only for calls from legitimate businesses. Do you really think the scammers will check first to ensure your not on the register. Haha
    5th Sep 2018
    HS - calls through the NBN are no different, you have a "phone number" and can list it on the register.
    14th Dec 2018
    I no longer answer unknown numbers and then usually will block them. Some of these numbers have contained 12 digits.

    One number was 4 digits from my own telephone no. I answered and it was the Indian type of accent with the usual spiel. Blocked that one.

    Yes, they are certainly coming up with new tricks.
    11th May 2019
    MICK - just yell at them "F*ck off" and hang up. Make their job unpleasant.
    Karl Marx
    3rd Sep 2018
    If you don't recognize the number don't answer it, if it's important they will or should leave a message. If no message then investigate the number if you want but block them as well. I used to play with them as well, couldn't be bothered now as all this does is confirm your number is live.
    8th Sep 2019
    Yes, that us exactly what I do.
    If I don"t recognize the number I do not answer.
    If it is important they will leave a message.
    Retiring Well
    3rd Sep 2018
    Just type the number in any web page and it will tell you all you need to know.
    11th May 2019
    "Any web page"? Nope - a search engine.
    3rd Sep 2018
    My darling wife, who has a brilliant sense of humor and timing, milked one caller for about 40 minutes, much to my amusement. She had him call back 3 times after she pretended to have lost the line, had him holding on the line while she pretended she was having trouble getting the computer started, and generally played dumb and innocent until she hung up on him without notice. Nice to give them a bit of their own medicine, and I loved the laugh. This time they picked on the wrong one!!!
    18th Sep 2018
    I did something similar. I turned off my modem, then followed their instructions. They kept coming back wanting me to go through the process again, which I did.
    In the process I asked the caller for his name. He wanted to know why I asked and I said that I liked to know to whom I was speaking. He told me, in a very thick accent, "John Smith."

    After we had played this game for over 20 minutes he said he would connect me to his supervisor. I asked for the supervisor's name and was told "Alan Grey."

    "Alan Grey" came on the line and again asked me to press certain keys on my computer, which I did. When the call was 30 minutes old I suddenly said to him "Is my modem supposed to be turned on while we are carrying out these checks?" He blew his stack, said "Why are you wasting my time?" I said, "sorry, as it was you who rang me, I thought it was you who was wasting my time." He hung up.
    9th Sep 2018
    I never answer calls to numbers that I do not know otherwise the callers know the number is active,
    29th Sep 2018
    I done the the same!!
    30th Nov 2018
    After toying with a scammer for ten minutes or so I finally got fed up and told him I didn’t want to play this game any longer so put the phone down on him. To my surprise he rang me back and told me I was very rude and why did I not want to talk with him!!!! Go figure!
    13th Jan 2019
    Same happened to me and call came up as being from Canada!
    14th Dec 2018
    I had reached the awful point of screaming "What!!' down the phone and then apologising if it was actually someone I knew or something relevant. It's disgusting. I went on the So Not Call Register and received more calls than ever. Yes, I block calls, and No. I do not call back.
    14th Dec 2018
    My modem records calls but we get a few calls from private numbers. These often result in no answer when picked up. They do not provide the number being called from so unable to be blocked or passed on to the ISP.
    1st Jan 2019
    I've blocked numbers and they just call on other numbers. .they must buy them by the dozen. I've previously toyed with them and had lots of fun but now I cant be bothered so I just tell them to eff off. I don't have to be polite to these mongrels so I don't try. F%@k off is so liberating. F%@k off you motherless cretin before I slam down the phone is empowering....for the supposedly Telstra support techs I just add 'you lying bastards' since I'm not connected to telstra
    9th Jan 2019
    When I get an unknown call on my mobile I usually open it but do not say anything. In almost every case the other end disconnects within seconds. I figure if it's important they will speak.
    1st Feb 2019
    What is really annoying is how these scammers get our numbers in the first place. Its obvious that the telcos sell telephone lists to anyone with the money to buy them. The Privacy Act needs to be amended to prohibit this practice. How about YourLifeChoices outs it up to the politicians. With an election coming up and the support of all your members we may be able to get something done about it. What do you think folks?
    3rd Apr 2020
    No BTM, the call centres have a computer which constantly dials random numbers or scans phone books which are publicly available. If it gets a hit, ie the number rings but is not answered, the computer tags the number as a live number and remembers it and will call again later, and later and later ad nauseum. If a call is answered the computer switches the call to a 'live' operator or a pre-recorded message. This is what causes the few seconds delay before you get a response to your 'polite' greeting. Sometimes if there is no operator available then the computer will abandon the call, but will remember your number for later. Like death and taxes it is almost impossible to avoid them.
    19th Apr 2019
    I just get the grand son to answer he loves a chat on the phone and after a while they
    are gone
    28th Aug 2019
    I love saying, in a hoarse voice...."Its done BUT there is blood everywhere" ....and then hang up :)
    6th Oct 2019
    When the calling number is rung back, the automated message says " the number you have dialled is not connected" unquote. The same B.S. is repeated day after day.. relating to NBN will be disconnected or internet problems or Telstra and your computer problems etc. I cant work out why the authorities haven't been able to track them down (why are they employed? and lets hear from them.. responding to this article)
    2nd Dec 2019
    I get those annoying calls too, I tell the person on the phone with a thick accent called, Mary, John or some other English name it’s all a scam they hate being told that and they hang up.
    There was a really funny cartoon I saw recently, this old lady sitting at a desk with a cup of coffee and the old landline phone, with about 6 airhorns waiting for the telemarketer to ring. It was brilliant.
    10th Jan 2020
    How do we find out the number to type into google if the received call on reads.

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