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Who doesn’t want to nab a bargain? Particularly in the final few days before Christmas. These 10 websites will help you save.

When buying new books online you’ll rarely find anywhere that can compete with The Book Depository, which offers discounted prices and free shipping. If you want to hunt a little more for savings, Abe Books is a great place for second-hand books – just remember to convert the currency to AUD and check for shipping prices to Australia.

If you’re feeling charitable, why not check out Better World Books? Every time you purchase a book from this website, they will donate one to someone in need. Since 2003 they have raised more than $20 million for literacy programs and libraries and have donated over 17 million books. Best of all, their prices can be very competitive and they offer free shipping worldwide, but just remember that prices are displayed in US dollars.

Asos is a website that has quickly risen to the top of clothes shopping online. It’s known for affordability, hassle-free returns and free shipping (orders over $40 are shipped for free). Another feature of the website that sets it apart from the competition is ‘View Catwalk’, which allows you to watch a short video of items worn by a model. It might not seem like much, but it can make a huge difference when you’re deciding to buy.

Founded in New Zealand in 1978, EziBuy is one of the most popular online clothes shopping websites in Australasia. Processing over 1.75 million orders in Australia and New Zealand every year, with a great selection of affordable clothing, EziBuy is a great stop for an online shop.

Whether it’s to entertain grandkids or for yourself, crafting is a terrific way to spend time. Sadly, in some locations, obtaining craft supplies is not easy as it once was. AliExpress is a Chinese wholesale website where you can buy almost anything. And while the quality varies, the prices are always low. You might be surprised at just how much cheaper you can find some basic craft supplies on the website. Just take the time to read some of the product reviews to make sure you’re getting a good quality product. If you’re looking for affordable gift ideas, gathers the best products on AliExpress

If you’re pretty nifty when it comes to crafting, perhaps you could sell your creations on Etsy? Etsy is a website where creative sell their handmade goods. Or if you’re not looking to sell, why not browse the website anyway? Handmade products have a certain charm about them and they’re not always as expensive as you might think.

Coupons and deals
When you’re purchasing something from an online retailer, try looking at an online coupon website, such as RetailMeNot, for discount codes. Depending on your luck you may find codes for discounts, free shipping and more. If you don’t find a discount, you’ve only wasted a few seconds checking.

Lasoo is a terrific online resource for shopping both online and in-person shopping. The website allows you to enter your postcode to view catalogues for local and/or online stores, and you can compare prices and products with ease. If you’ve been on the fence about putting a ‘No Junk’ sign on your mailbox, Lasoo might be able to give you the best of both worlds.

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    Books- Cheaper than shopping online for books is using your local city library. Think about your carbon footprint when buying books from around the world and not passing them on. If you are traveling, find a local street library.

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    Ebooks save paper and allow you to read more books because you don’t t have to lump a big bag of books around. My deal and ozsale have a huge range of discounted items. Half price groceries are another excellent way to save.

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    “Lasoo” is a great site. Yes, it is an incentive to adorn your letterbox with a “No Junk Mail” sticker. However, before you do this, perhaps consider the people whose only source of extra income lies in delivering junk mail. When people opt out it reduces their already low payment. They are paid a sum for each letterbox. Not much I know, I think it’s about seven cents per box for all that hard work! And yes, yes, indeed yes, before someone is driven to remind me, I do acknowledge the environmental costs of all this junk mail, but I do feel for all the delivery people. Unskilled job opportunities are so rare these days.



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