Cash in the attic

Vintage is the watchword when it comes to buying and selling online at the moment. What you might consider to be old, out of date junk, others are paying good money for on eBay. So pull on your gloves and get sorting – who knows, there could be a retirement fund hidden away in your attic or garage.

What is selling?
Anything from before 1990 is now known as ‘vintage’, and should be labelled as such. Doing so will get you much better results when people search on eBay. Many older objects are now back in fashion, and people are using manual typewriters, old telephones and even scientific equipment to decorate their homes. Popular items include:

  • Suitcases
  • Larger storage trunks, particularly leather
  • Clothing (especially dresses)
  • Jewellery
  • Comic books
  • Game consoles
  • Sunglasses
  • Furniture (the more obviously ‘period’ the piece is, the better)
  • Typewriters
  • Bags (especially leather satchels)
  • Wooden beds

Non-digital cameras are becoming quite a novelty for young people, and instant cameras (such as polaroids) have made a big comeback since The Impossible Project started producing instant film for old cameras again, making them a viable option. An old instant camera can also be a fantastic gift for a younger member of the family, so make sure you check whether they would like it, before you sell it.

Click NEXT to learn where to sell items and how to price them How to get the price right
You can work out how to price an item by checking what similar items have sold for previously on eBay. Simply search some basic keywords (e.g. instant camera) to begin with, and if you get too many search results start getting more specific by including information such as the make or model. Doing this allows you to see what others have paid for similar items beforehand.

If you are selling something more collectable or rare you might also want to check specialty shops or collectors groups to make sure that your expectations are reasonable and that you don’t undersell your item.

Where can I sell?
I would suggest eBay as a first port-of-call. Millions of people are already using it and the system is very secure. Your item can be purchased by anyone anywhere in the world on eBay, and the bigger your buyer base, the higher the price will go. For vintage jewellery, clothing and tea-sets you might also like to look at Etsy, which is an online store in America specifically for vintage and handmade goods. Items on Etsy tend to command a higher price, but your buyers will also expect higher quality goods.

Have you had any luck selling junk you had packed away? Let us know what you did to make it work by commenting below!