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Doing your Christmas shopping online not only saves you from the horror of the shopping centre in December but it can also save you money.

Shopping online when you have family overseas is by far the best option. Not only can you take advantage of the strong dollar but you can have your items delivered, and often wrapped, saving you one less job and a hefty postage bill.

Where you shop online for gifts for overseas family and friends obviously depends on where they live however, for those in the US or UK, Amazon is a winner. Selling books, DVDs, games, clothes, fragrances and electrical goods and more, both the US and UK versions of Amazon should have something for even the most difficult to buy for person and at a good price. And if you spend over a certain amount, delivery is often free.

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What can you buy for family and friends in Australia? Savvy shoppers understand that waiting until the post-Christmas sales is the best way to get the most for your money and as such, gift cards are a popular present. There are even sites which offer a variety of gift cards, providing a one-stop shop for all your needs.

Send a gift card:

Sending a gift online doesn’t mean you haven’t thought about what the recipient would like. Gifts which an individual wouldn’t usually buy for themselves and maybe considered a luxury are a good bet. A subscription to a magazine, which is delivered periodically is a gift which lasts the entire year. Or perhaps a favourite book will be greatly appreciated and treasured for years to come. Cinema tickets also make a great present, not only by giving the recipient a night out, but also the chance to see the latest blockbuster on the big screen and maybe even munch on some popcorn as well!

Try the following sites: t ttt

Perhaps you have a dare-devil in the family or someone who enjoys luxuriating at a favourite spa. Experience gift vouchers have been popular for many years as they offer the recipient the chance to do something our of the ordinary, such as climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, riding a Harley Davidson or having a relaxing spa. Vouchers start from around $20, so how much you want to spend, or wish to terrify your friends and family, is entirely up to you.

Experience vouchers.

Finally, if the special person in your life has itchy feet but you can’t afford to splash out on a complete trip, travel vouchers make perfect sense. Most airlines and travel sites offer vouchers from as little as $10, which can be added to the purchase of a highly desirable post-Christmas break. The following sites are just some which offer gift vouchers:

Of course, the key to successful shopping online is keeping safe. Check out Webmaster Drew’s tips for safe online shopping .

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