Five money-saving sites

The internet is a useful tool for finding ways to save money. YOURLifeChoices has five handy sites which could put a few more dollars in your pocket.

If you’re looking for a gift or to replace a household item, then searching store-offer catalogues is a great way of finding the best deal. In the interest of saving trees, viewing the catalogues online is quick and easy.

Grocery shopping is a chore which many of us can do without. Larger supermarkets offer online shopping, where you can order exactly what you need, without being tempted by other goodies. There is a delivery charge but this can often be offset by the money you save. If online shopping is not for you, then why not create your shopping list online through the store’s website and head to the shops to buy only what you need.

When trying to cut costs, whether it’s servicing your car, getting your carpets cleaned or eating out for a special treat, discount coupons are a great way to access special offers. There are quite a few sites around which offer a coupon search and the ability to print coupons online. Below are a few to try:

Bank fees – a necessary evil or just money thrown down the drain? By making sure you have the best transaction account for your needs, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars each year. Compare what other banks are offering, ask your bank if they can match the best and, if not, make the switch. Compare transaction accounts by visiting

Of course, spending so much time online will have an effect on your broadband costs. Make sure you’re on the best plan for the downloads you use. Visit for all the info.