How to get free return shipping for online purchases

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Almost all online Australian retailers will gladly accept returns and offer refunds; however, many will require you to pay for the price of shipping the item back to them. It can be a hefty price to pay and as products sometimes fall short of their online descriptions, some shoppers might find themselves often paying these fees.

In a physical store, you can easily make a more informed decision about your purchase. For this reason, many people prefer shopping in person, despite the competitive prices offered online. Here’s a trick to help you step into the world of online shopping. It will refund you the cost of return shipping, should you need to send something back.

All you have to do is purchase the product using PayPal. The company offers a Refunded Returns service that allows you to receive a refund of up to $45 for return shipping fees, eight times per year.

If you don’t already have a PayPal account, you can sign up here. Once you have an account, visit the Refunded Returns page to learn more and activate the service.

Now all you have to do is purchase something using PayPal. The service is accepted by hundreds of online retailers, and you can view the full list here for some ideas.

When claiming a refund for your return shipping costs, you will have to provide some information and photos including the following:

  • a copy/photo of the shipping cost receipt that shows the amount you paid
  • a document proving that the item was sent to the seller
  • a screenshot of the confirmation email for your PayPal transaction or a screenshot of your PayPal activity page showing the details of your original purchase.

Do you shop online? Have you ever had to pay for return shipping?

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    I have learnt something today. Thanks Ryan.

  2. 0

    Thanks for that. I haven’t had to return anything for a while, but will try and remember for next time.Good ol’ PayPal – what a wonderful service they provide. And respond promptly to any queries.

  3. 0

    Wow! Thanks a lot, I didn’t know that. I don’t buy much but useful to know.

    Now! If someone ( with brains!) could just help the N.B.N it would be truly great. They certainly need it!

  4. 0

    Don’t try to sign up using that link above, it will not work; your telephone number will not be accepted. Go to

  5. 0

    I have been using paypal for awhile but luckily have not needed to return anything. Just beware of spam emails saying it is from paypal NEVER use a link in an email just go to the website and log in. Also read the conditions for the return policy, parcels need tracking numbers.



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