How to save on shopping

The advantage of online shopping is that, if you do it right, you can end up saving money.

How to save on shopping

Online shopping has a lot of perks. For example, you can shop in the comfort of your pyjamas while enjoying a glass of wine – something which would be frowned upon if you attempted to do so in store. The other great advantage of online shopping is that, if you do it right, you can end up saving money.

Most online stores have the ability to offer discounts and special offers which their bricks and mortar competitors can’t. Just the other week I managed to score 20 per cent off a pair of runners I’d tried on at Nike by holding off and purchasing them online. Here’s five ways to save with online shopping.

  1. Leave it in the cart

If you don’t need the item you’re interested in immediately, add it to your shopping cart and leave it for a few days. This will stop impulse buys. Often online stores will email you an incentive to remind you about it and entice you to make the purchase.

  1. Know when it goes on sale

Thanks to an app called Worth It, you can know the second your favourite items go on sale. The app allows you to follow items you’re interested in buying and alerts you when the price drops. Seems very aptly named to me.

  1. Google discount codes

I often find if you Google the site you are purchasing from followed by the words ‘discount code’, you will often come across one which works. Sites such as Promotion code and Retail me not both have lists of codes for various sites. Scroll through the listed codes and test relevant ones to see if they work. For a few extra minutes it can often save you money or shipping charges.

  1. Sign up for emails

Online stores will usually offer you an incentive to sign up for their emails. Remember you don’t have to stay on their lists, so if you have an item you want to purchase, it’s worth signing up for the offer and then unsubscribing at a later date. However, if it’s a brand you buy from regularly, staying signed up is a good idea so you are the first to know about sales, discounts and offers.

  1. Wait until sale times

While you may not be able to find out when individual brands go on sale there are certain times of the year when almost all sites will have reductions. Two of these times are the end of the financial year and Boxing Day. If you are planning on purchasing a big ticket item, or something which is not time-sensitive, waiting until these events may mean you pay a lot less than you otherwise would. 


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    The Black Fox
    26th Sep 2014
    It is a bit mean to try an item locally and then source the item online. Small businesses close when they don't get local support especially in smaller towns. People should support local business where possible - it is too late once they're gone. Surely online shopping should be done with a certain amount of social conscience.
    Young Simmo
    26th Sep 2014
    The Black Fox, there are horses for courses. We have been retired on the pension, and apart from food and petrol, 90% of our purchases are online. I will give you an example of why.
    I need a couple of front clearance lights for our caravan. At the local Caravan Parts shop they are $16 each. I bought 2 on E-bay a couple of days ago for a total of $9.95 with free postage.
    I'm afraid it is a changing world and it's a case of keep up or PAY THE PRICE.
    I should add the new lights are LED, much better than those dull little globes.
    26th Sep 2014
    Black Fox, many online shops are the local small businesses.
    Without huge mall rents to pay, they can keep their prices down.
    27th Sep 2014
    There are a lot of online stores which advertise a bargain when it is not, so you need to do your research. I find often that 'Catch of the day" are often dearer than what I can find elsewhere. Occasionally though they do have a good deal but also take into consideration the delivery costs. And I agree leave your purchase in the cart for a couple of days and make sure you really need it.
    Young Simmo
    27th Sep 2014
    Yeh musicveg, I put an item in the cart today to test Note 1.
    I want it regardless, and it will be interesting to see how things develop.
    It is with a mob I have 2 or 3 years of trading with, and if it turns out I get a better deal, that will be my new style.

    29th Sep 2014
    Many a shopper at Walmart dress in their pyjamas and a lot worse

    9th Jun 2015
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