Successful bidding on EBay

Almost everyone has looked at items one EBay or tried to purchase something, many unsuccessfully. Here are three handy tips for successful bidding.

Tip 1. Set yourself a limit and do not go over it. Make sure you know how much the product would cost retail, and subtract the postage fee from this price, then you will see the price level to which you need to bid.

Tip 2. When bidding, only bid in the final hour. Bidding before this time generally will only raise the final purchase price. If you cannot be at the computer at the time of auction ending, set your limit ahead of time, and put this as your maximum bid.

Tip 3. The last minute bid. Everyone gets frustrated at the auctioning system, but you can use it to your advantage to get the product every time. As long as you have a fast broadband connection, you can keep refreshing the auction page (F5 button) to see how long is left on the auction and post your bid in the last 10 seconds to secure the product.

Good luck and happy bidding!