Where to buy online

Just like buying from a retail store, you need to shop around online to find the best price

Just like buying from a retail store, you need to shop around online to find the best price. Drew lists 10 of the best websites to find a bargain online.

User-to-User shopping
Brand new or second-hand items at discounted prices.

Grays Online
Similar to eBay. All postings are from users listing their new or used items for sale at affordable prices.

Trading Post
The Trading Post moved online in recent years. Find a bargain in your local area to save on delivery costs.

Online Department Stores
Operating since 2004, oo.com.au has a large range of products, including the kitchen sink at largely discounted prices.

The Iconic
The fastest growing Australian online fashion store stocking 15,000 products from 500 brands with free overnight shipping.

Deals Direct
The direct competition to oo.com.au, Deals Direct lists a new deal every day on their homepage for a 24-hour period.

A large variety of products for sale, Dstore is more difficult to navigate than oo.com.au and Dealsdirect.com.au but is competitive on price point.

The group buying behemoth, Catchoftheday.com.au has slowly grown from offering a single item per day into selling multiple high quality items at discount prices delivered within 15 days of purchase.

Books and DVDs

The goliath of book sales, Amazon.com has the largest variety of books for sale at reasonable prices.

A large variety of DVDs, books and magazines.

An Australian-owned brand which makes its own products, selling at lower than market price for electronics.

If you are looking to buy an iPod or other electronic product from Apple, you can browse available products and buy online.


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    2nd Nov 2012
    You didn't mention GUMTREE.COM.AU. Great for bargains both new and second-hand.

    2nd Nov 2012
    Rouge Magazine for females.......I regularly receive free samples of top products.

    2nd Nov 2012
    There is also ZILCH, which has free items.
    The Crone
    3rd Nov 2012
    If you are a reader like me then you must try
    Books are a good price and deliver is only $6.50 no matter how many books you buy
    Danielle James
    27th Mar 2013
    For very competitive prices on books (both second-hand and new) you can't go passed

    This site lists all particular book sources, with prices. Second-hand books are provided with details of condition. I have purchased a book/s for 40c. plus postage. Excellent value.
    Danielle James
    27th Mar 2013
    Could you kindly provide the website address for ZILCH?
    Danielle James
    27th Mar 2013
    Fishpond www.fishpond.com.au

    is also a good site for cheaper prices wish no shipping charges on a variety of products, from books to cosmetics.
    6th Jun 2013
    Definitely interested in the Zilch website I hadn't heard of it before here. I also love booktopia and bookfinder, and here's another to add for book lovers : boomerangbooks.com.au they have a sister site with bargains from a $1 up, they also have great competitions which you can enter to win books and are Australian owned.

    Why does every one always mention eBay at the top of the list, I have had so many bad experiences with shonky sellers, postage overcharging and little support from eBay management when I have reported a problem and despite the au on the website address they run very much an American style site which is low on caring and customer service.

    I have found quicksales.com.au (Australia's answer to eBay), has so many helpful sellers (many who crossed over from eBay because of the high fees charged). I like that it is Australian and doesn't - at least at this point - have heaps of cheap asian "junk" imports flooding the site, and the big plus for me is their customer service is based here and very helpful when needed. It's nice to support an Aussie auction site that is growing well and is homegrown.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on shopping around I find everyone really helpful :-)

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