5G wireless data breakthrough

Electronics giant Samsung has successfully tested 5G wireless technology, which can transmit data at more than 1GB per second over a distance of 2km.

Releasing the news in a statement last week, Samsung expects the technology, which is based on harnessing millimetre-wave bands, will not be ready for the commercial market before 2020. The technology is expected to offer transmitting speeds “up to several hundred times faster” than current 4G networks.

5G technology would allow users access to transmitting massive amounts of data without limitation. You could download a 3D movie while on a train, in a car or at an airport waiting for a flight, and it would only take a matter of seconds. Real-time streaming of ultra high-definition content would become possible, whether it was the streaming of a major sporting event or an in-depth medical consultation.

I can hear you asking ‘so why do we need the NBN’? Samsung has admitted that it will take millions, possibly billions, of dollars in research to get 5G up and running and don’t expect it to be in place before 2020. When 5G is available, the infrastructure and speed of the NBN will be a critical component in implementing 5G technology inAustralia.

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