App of the month: mobile phone and tablet security

When it comes to hacking, smartphones are ripe for the picking. Here’s how to protect yourself.

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We use our smartphones to access secure sites, such as banking, Paypal and eBay, so when it comes to hacking, smartphones are ripe for the picking. However, there are a range of security apps that can help prevent this from happening. Here are three of the best free apps to protect you from hackers.

Avast SecureLine (free)
For years Avast has been a trusted name in computer protection, providing free antivirus software for both Mac and PC. Unbeknownst to many is that Avast also offers free antivirus software for iPhone and Android. Avast SecureLine is a free app that provides encrypted VPN protection when your phone is connected to wifi, preventing hackers from stealing your personal information.

There are in-app purchase available that can boost your phone’s security, but the free version will provide you with all the protection you need.

Avast SecureLine is available for Mac, PC and iOS. Find out more at Avast Software.

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus (free)
This free security app for Android scans for and protects against infected files, and alerts users against phishing, malware, spyware and other malicious viruses.

With Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus, your phone’s wifi connection is secure and your privacy safeguarded.

Available free for Android.

Avira Mobile Security (free)
Avira Mobile Security is a feature-rich security app that can pinpoint your phone if it has been stolen and, with its Identity Safeguard, checks whether any personal information, including emails and contacts, has been compromised.

Available for iOS devices. Find out more at



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