Apple announces three new iPhones

Apple announced three new iPhones and a new improved Apple watch.

Apple announce new iPhones

At an event in California last week, Apple announced three new iPhones and a new improved Apple watch will be on sale just in time for Christmas.

The surprise of the event was the addition of the iPhone XR, a smartphone with a 6.1-inch screen placing it size-wise between the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

The new iPhone models will come with additional camera improvements already standard in Samsung and Huawei smartphones in Portrait Mode, allowing for greater customisation of a photo once it is taken.

Rumours before the release of the new iPhone models suggested that Apple would be looking to decrease the overall cost of their smartphone range, but that doesn’t seem to have been correct, with the iPhone XS starting from $1629 for the 64GB model.

The release of the Apple Watch Series 4 is being heralded as the best release of the event, with the announcement of a significantly larger 44mm watch with several new improvements and features.

What do you think? Is it just business at usual with Apple? Will you consider buying an Apple Watch in the future?



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    17th Sep 2018
    When Steve Jobs returned to apple he saved the company by culling the number of apple products and variations....also, he put innovation ahead of profit believing one would create the other. Things certainly have changed since Tim Cook took over. Tim is great for shareholders, not customers (iTunes for OS is a basket case...please fix). Apple is just simply price gouging now and focussed on profits...whilst I am a huge Apple fan, I am increasingly becoming resentful of being exploited for being a loyal fan. Paying 2.5k for an electronic device that can fall down into road grate (for example) and is made by the millions like a comodity is looney tunes.

    17th Sep 2018
    Why don't people just use their bloody phones to talk to one another, and do everything else on their computer? So much simpler - and cheaper.
    17th Sep 2018
    You don't need to spend a heap of money to get a smartphone, I bought a Motorola G5 for $220, does heaps of stuff that I don't use, still on learner plates. I prefer using my laptop, I can see it better.
    17th Sep 2018
    If you can afford to waste money on upgrading phones all the time, you must be doing okay, waste of money for most people. These type of phones are a luxury item that needs its own insurance policy. My Motorola G5 does a good enough job and only paid $220.
    18th Sep 2018
    $50 for a phone is heaps.Pay much more than that then you probably need a brain transplant.
    18th Sep 2018
    That is a bit harsh to say someone needs a brain transplant, I don't know any good $50 phone that you can use with the current networks. I only upgraded because I was forced to when 2g was dropped my phone stopped working.
    18th Sep 2018
    agree was a bit harsh..make it $65

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