Avoiding mobile ‘bill shock’

A tailored phone package means you can now avoid mobile ‘bill shock’

A new study by Optus reveals that over-60s are using multiple devices to connect with friends and family online.

So maybe we can finally bury forever the cliché of older people fumbling with technology? The Silver Surfers report (conducted in October 2012 with 1027 participants aged 60+) tells us that

The majority (76 per cent) are using sites like Facebook to connect with friends and family and that social media has become the go-to tool for grandparents who want to stay up-to-date with their grandkids. In fact 85 per cent agree that being online and staying connected makes life easier, with 65 per cent agreeing that being connected helps to keep them socially active.

Despite the positive nature of the study findings, 45 per cent admit that their knowledge about getting the most out of their electronic devices is minimal.

To answer the needs of these active ‘surfers’, Optus has created a tailored range of mobile, home phone and broadband plans for the over 60 customer. The mobile plan is called MyTime and the bundled plans are referred to as Charmed.  

YOURLifeChoices asked the Vice President of Segment Marketing at Optus, Gavin Williams, about the thinking behind these plans.

“When it comes to older Australians, we are really interested in the moments that matter, rather than age; moments for those who are, for example, empty nesters and their way of life.

What are their needs through this transition?

How do we support this segment as they travel?

We are also interested in people’s day-to-day lives when adopting new technology and how we can supply information to help people learn more about this vital area.

Our plans for mobiles address a specific concern – that of bill shock. People just don’t want the lack of certainty involved with untimed national plans”.


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    7th Dec 2012
    I recently had an Optus salesman at my door offering a Pensioners discount home and internet plan.He also offered a plan for my mobile. I signed both contracts, but still no phone. They claim they have no records of my phone application. My advice, be careful when dealing with Optus.Adrian
    7th Dec 2012
    My Mobile plan is $20 a month I have $20 credit for calls.between 2-3pm free calls my bill is seldom more than the monthly plan I cancelled my landline and am saving more than $40 a month.I have a $20 monthly plan with One Seniors internet provider 1.5 GB. Mob.B.B. A Smart Phone for me no way.My power bill never more than $250 quarter.No bill shocks for me.
    7th Dec 2012
    No bill shocks for me either, my mobile bill rarely over 20$ Oputs is dreaming they think we are dummies. I don't need an iphone. and i don't need facebook either, its rediculous.
    8th Dec 2012
    I agree these companies are sucking as much money out of us as is possible.Pity the young teens don't they know they pay for all that rubbish on iphones.Some Pensioners are quite knowledgable and can see through this.I do extremely well on the pension and go without nothing.I don't gamble or smoke.

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