Bigger smartphones on the way

Recent trends have seen bigger and more powerful devices favoured

Bigger smartphones on the way

Industry focus has previous been on creating smaller smartphones, but recent trends have seen bigger and more powerful devices favoured. Is bigger always better?

Last week Samsung unveiled its latest smartphone offering named the Galaxy Mega 6.3, a 6.3-inch smartphone and the biggest smartphone ever created. Those wanting to get their hands on the latest Samsung smartphone will need deep pockets, as the price tag is expected to be hefty and the size of the phone means most jeans or back pockets will be too small for such a device.

Bigger isn’t always better though when it comes to smartphone specs. With the exclusion of a full HD screen and the Galaxy Note’s stylus (S Pen), you get the feeling the Galaxy Mega 6.3 is lacking the extra features which would make you rush to your closest store to purchase one when they are released in Australia.

The Galaxy Mega series of smartphones seem to be targeted at the user looking for a mobile device which feels like, and offers similar features to, a tablet computer, with the obvious inclusion of cellular coverage. Roll out dates for Galaxy Mega 6.3 and the smaller 5.8 inAustraliaare yet to be released, but Europe andRussiawill be the first users to get their hands on the smartphone in early May.

Overall, the Galaxy Mega 6.3 looks to be a solid smartphone, but I am one of the many who would prefer to keep my smartphone and tablet as separate devices.

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    24th Apr 2013
    Bummer, I just bought a Samsung Galaxy SII today and it requires me to wear my glasses. The larger SIII was a little out of my affordability but a larger screen.
    24th Apr 2013
    Size really doesn't matter - except for the price tag. I just wish I could generate enough spare cash to be able to keep up with the Jones's in this area. I don't feel that I am limited by using an old Nokia -- it does the job it was built for -- but some items built into the latest devices could be useful; like a mobile hotspot and er well that's really the only thing I would want, so I could have a nice private little place to go with a tablet. if I could afford a tablet
    25th Apr 2013
    Maybe you are too fussy as tobrand tghere are other cheaper options RichF

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